Margarita Bloom Giveaway Courtesy of Fresh Beauty Studio!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Check out this fabulous YouTube video by the oh, so absolutely fabulous Nikol at Fresh Beauty Studio!! We so heart her!! She just ordered some of our yummy Wonderland Holiday goodies as you'll see on this fun video! Isn't her studio just gorgeous!! We're so excited to have her as our newest stockist!! Yay!! 

And lookie she's having a giveaway with one of our products!! Don't you just want to get your paws on it? You know you do!! Now, if you want to enter the giveaway you have to go over to her YouTube page and leave a comment...don't leave a comment here for the giveaway.

Of course I would for you to leave some love here too! You know I always love getting comments from my peeps....because you're the best!


  1. i am jetting off but had to fly in here...
    oh this is just too cute for words!
    what a wonderful way to truly share the real love so many have for your products and for you !

  2. You're the best my lovely Muse!! Oh, and I saw the cover for your book of prose....gorgeous!! Congrats!! :)

  3. Hi angel! Gosh, I LOVE the video ... what a fabulous review of your products!!! I can't wait to get over this work hump a little and be able to sit down and choose some stocking stuffers ... I'll be doing that soon ... my problem will be in deciding, just like the review said!! Gosh, do you have to make everything so FABULOUS? Kisses, my sweet xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (soooo excited about the giveaway!)

  4. Just found your blog and think it is fabulous :)