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Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Have you tried our Merry Mistletoe Body Balm? Oh, are you in for a treat my darlings!! This is an amazing product and one that is a necessary skincare delight that should be in your boudoir every Winter Season and even in the Summer, Spring & Autumn. It's just too delightful not to use it year round.

If you have dry, tight skin due to the brrrr... chilliness of the outside weather you know you need something up to the task of moisturizing your skin, something that lasts, smells divine and isn't that greasy. WINK

Our  Merry Mistletoe Body Balm  is most definitely what you need. It's like two products in one, an oil and a creme, that when you rub together melt into your skin to create this ultra moisture rich balm leaving your skin super soft! 

It's chalk full of moisturizing Olive Oil, Sweet Cherry Kernal Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Aloe Juice, and more! Have we told you how much we ADORE Olive oil? It's super fabulous for dry skin, full of natural antioxidants, squalene, vitamins E and A and so much more! 

Want to get one for FREE? For a limited time, until Wednesday December 15th, 2010 purchase $50 or more before shipping & get one FREE!!! 
Use CODE:  "Kiss me with Merry Mistletoe" in the notes section of the shopping cart!

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