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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why hello darlings, it's Friday which means another fabulous weekend ahead of us for relaxing, pampering and just plain overindulging! You peeps know what's coming up don't you? Why yes! only the most romantic, effervescent, love filled holiday ever....VALENTINES! 

The day sweethearts shower their sweethearts with romance, delish food, sweet sonnets of love and ultra tons of pampering! Sooooo...to kick off the day of love we're hosting our very first ever GIVEAWAY! And nothing says I love you like uttering sweet words of poetry to your honey.

You KNOW I love a bit of poetry...words are like bliss to my heart that makes it go all aflutter and swirl and dance and twirl about! Le sigh.....and besides who wouldn't love their honey reciting poetry to them while showering them in decadent bath goodies from Margarita Bloom like the goddess that you are! *giggle*

So I thought it most apropos that my first giveaway hosted on our Glamourville Blog should be from one of my fabulous friends Pansy AKA The Muse...She writes the most loveliest poems and little stories and that beautiful book up above as well! 

I think you can guess what our giveaway is, can't you? *wink* Yes, you can win that lovely book up above!! Here are some snippets of lovely prose that she writes which may or may not be in the book.


Of course, this one was written with us in mind! I just adore it, don't you?

PRIZE: (1) The book ~Anthesis~ A Capella of Love
GIVEAWAY OPEN FROM --- Jan 14, 2011 till midnight EST Jan. 21, 2011

Each ENTRY must be placed in a separate comment. Maximum entries: 6 plus extras
Winner will be chosen by picking a random number from all entries. 
Winner will be notified via email so make sure to include your email address in your comments. 
If winner can not be reached within 48 hrs after emailing then a new Winner will be randomly chosen. 
Once said winner has confirmed w/ their shipping address we'll post who the lucky gal or guy is here! xoxo

ENTRY #1: 
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Okay, you darlings....have at it and enter...for your sweetie could be reading you sweet sonnets from this book of love this very Valentines day. Smooches!


  1. Early birthday wishes to you...
    may they be nothing short of
    spectacular my friend~

    I do believe that the Love Sonnets will make every reader's heart race, in an oh so demure and romantic manner :)

    Good luck to all who enter !

  2. I follow your fabulous blog and have for a while =)

  3. I follow you and the wonderful Muse on Twitter
    Denice @KDCevents

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  5. Loooooove a great giveaway, especially from two of my favourite friends...
    Following your blog lovely!!!!
    Chriss @ Petit

  6. Facebook follower of dear friend THE MUSE!!!

  7. I am a friend...I follow your fabulous blog--thanks for having me. Please enter me to win Muse's wonderful book of Love Sonnets. I am delighted to share the giveaway and anything else to promote you and the Muse.

  8. Question...if you don't tweet, is there another way to rack up entries???

  9. I thought I already followed you! No matter, I do now!!! Boo boopy doo!!!

  10. I am a fan of Margarita Bloom on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 100 friends on Facebook.

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  15. I STILL have Margarita Bloom samples. Can you believe it?? lol.

  16. I shared some of Margarita Bloom samples with female relatives and friends

  17. I'm already a follower of your blog! ;0)

  18. Already a FB follower of the Muse...wuv her to death! ;0)

  19. I tweet tweet with the Muse....LOL Twitter Friend!

    P.S. Margarita, everytime I come I have to listen to your Oldie but goodie Music Player..LOVE Ur Site!