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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Love is a fire.
But whether it is going to warm your heart 
or burn down your house,
you can never tell."
~ Joan Crawford ~


  1. Wow amazing images of Joan. She is one of my favorites. Kori xoxo

  2. These are beautiful images! Are they George Hurrell? And the quote is right on target too, isn't it?

    Loving what you do, as always!


  3. Look at those gorgeous eyes! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Have a great weekend!



  4. Hell yeah that is an awesome quote! So true! She was beautiful!!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  5. gosh what a creation~!!!!!
    she was astonishing :)

  6. So stunning!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xoxo

  7. LOVE this quote! So perfect for Valentine season! Yes, we never know if a love is going to feel simply snuggly warm or hold a match to your heart. hmmmmmmmm

  8. She has the most extraordinary and expressive face...love those vintage glam goddesses of yesterday!

  9. Kori: I know! Don't you just love her!! These pictures of her are just mesmerizing!!

    Betty @ The Gossamer Tearoom: Aww, why thank you! You know I'm not sure! But yes, that quote is right on target! I adore it!

    *Simply Colette*: I love finding new fabulous peeps such as yourself to follow...totally my pleasure! XX I love her eyes...but those lips....ooh, la, la is all I can say! giggle...

    Melanie's Randomness: Me sentiments exactly when I saw these photos!!!

    The Muse: Lovely Pansy...indeed she was most astonishing.

    Brunch at Saks: So very delighted that you stopped by!!! Kisses to you!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou: Oh, Sandy love you! Sizzle or snuggles...ahhh....both are FAB!

    Hope Ava: Thanks for visiting!!! Oh, my yes, one of the reasons I could not resist posting her....I sooo adore the vintage glam goddesses of yesterday! My inspiration! :)