❤ Steaming up the Beauty Lab! ❤

Thursday, October 20, 2011

                              Source: cheek-b-o-n-e-s.tumblr.com via Anita on Pinterest

Hello pretties! It's Thursday & we've been steaming up the beauty lab! Why it's enough to make your cheeks & lips a pretty blushing pink.....Oh my! *wink*

First off.....have you noticed anything different my lovelies? {giggle} Why YES we have done something with our hair!!! Heehee, do you like it? I've been wanting to do a three column blog for the longest time and so finally!! here it is and might it say it looks quite elegant...European even and of course so very VINTAGE & RETRO!  And I must admit so much easier to post sweet notes to you dolls and dudes. :)

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Lookie, a new DJ music player...so much better than our other one and compact and PRETTY! If you love Florence + the Machine you're going to love our song selections! If you ever have a song request, please do feel free to leave us a comment. Between martini's and mid-day bubble baths we love to update our DJ corner.

What beauty potions did we mix up today? Do you love MILK bath soaks? Tons of milk soaks are always being made in our beauty lab...why it's one of our most popular beauty delights! 

Luscious Milks & Butter Bits with enormous handfuls of salts like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt...oh, heavens....are you drooling yet? {whispering} Imagine luxuriating in milky white bath water, soothing sea salts melting into the water releasing all their nourishing minerals, melting bits of cocoa & mango butters and spectacular floating botanicals....it's enough to make you feel like Marie Antoinette herself! *wink*

This particular beauty below is in our Mademoiselle Marguerite Collection....what are you waiting for...you know we've got a 15% off boutique-wide sale...get your tushie over there and get pampering!


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