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Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, Good Morning Beauties! Are you all freshly bathed and washed hopefully with some of our delightful beauty potions? Hmmm? ...giggle... Well, if you aren't we can fix that, can't we? *wink* Just head over to our website and check out the new special we have up...time to stock up pretties. And if you want a little something special mixed up, just email us, there's nothing we can't do to beautify & inspire you dolls.

Now, let's take you back to the sweet age old days of Nostalgia sweetie pies. 
Wouldn't you like that? 

Where gorgeous hair was always coiffed before you left the house...pretty gowns and ruby red lips were applied and the movie stars were amazingly GLAMOROUS! 

Here are two of my favorite starlets that I just had to have on our Vintage Monday Dance Moves... 

Say hello beauties to these two beauties...Doris Day & Rita Hayworth!

"Sensitive, shy--of course I was. The fun of acting is to become someone else."  - Rita Hayworth

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