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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey darling hunnie bunnies! It's Tuesday & boy have we got something totally fabulous for you! Music + Martini's + Roses....sounds heavenly, doesn't it? ...giggle... 

I have a rockin' friend Christianna (whom I adore!!), you'll have seen her bloggy banner on my right side of my blog. She has an awesome blog over at The Girl with the Blue Bow about fabulous musicians who are up and coming and everything in between. It's her passion and she helps to promote them, get them out there in front of the masses so more peeps can become fans! How awesome is that? I think so! *wink wink*

The other day she introduced me to this wonderful singer Heather Laveaux who is coming out with her debut EP (Extended Play) CD, "3 Octave Martini". It's jazzy...very fact, one of my fav songs of Heather's is "Why Don't you Do Right" (A Peggy Lee Cover song) smooth...makes you want to put on a ravishing dress and go sip a martini. 

   You can check out her website here peeps to listen to some tunes and purchase her CD "3 Octave Martini" which also happens to be available to buy on ITunes and Amazon! Booyah! You can listen to her music at these sites as well Reverbnation and SoundCloud  

To celebrate her release of her new CD coming out we're having a party and oh, no it's just not our blog...check out the guest list below pretties!! You need to visit them all!!  Meet and Greet peeps. Meet & Greet! I wouldn't be a most fabulous host without introducing my lovely guests, now would I? *dimple* 

But first, before you click to these other wonderful blogs, you have to enter our giveaway! Oh, snap! 

"Giveaway DEETS"

 Heather is giving away one of her EP "3 Octave Martini" CD's via our blog and to put the cherry on top we're also adding one of our Racy & Risque Rosie Lip Balms! 

Giveaway starts Tuesday June 19 & ends June 22 this Friday Midnight EST.

***How to enter the Giveaway***

Leave a separate comment for each entry below dolls and guys.

There are 7 ways to enter! Good luck peeps! The lucky winner will receive Heather's EP "3 Octave Martini" CD mailed directly from Heather and will win one of our Racy & Risque Rosie Rose Lip Balms directly from us!  The winner will be chosen through We'll contact you via email (so make sure to include your email in your comments!!!!) & you'll have 48 hrs to respond to receive your prize.  

Entry #1: Follow Heather Via Facebook.
Entry #2: Follow Margarita Bloom via Facebook.
Entry #3: Follow Heather via Twitter.
Entry #4: Follow Margarita Bloom via Twitter.
Entry #5: Follow Heather via Myspace.
Entry #6: Follow the Margarita Bloom Blog here via Google Friend Connect.
Entry #7: Tweet about this giveaway. Must include both of these tweet handles. Leave a comment with the link to your tweet below.  @MBGlamourville  @MsLaveaux


George:  Blog Name: The Daily Schmooze - Music Review
Emma: Blog Name: Emma’s Music - Interview with Heather
Erica:  Blog Name: Sweets & Harts - Fashion File with Heather
Stephanie: Blog Name: Take Hart – Album Artwork Review and EP Giveaway
Christianna: Blog Name: The Girl With The Blue Bow – Party Coordinator and writer of “3 Octave Martini” review
Chrissy: Blog Name: Whimsical Poppysmic – EP Giveaway
Regina: Blog Name: Margarita Bloom’s Glamourville – EP Giveaway and a Racy& Risque Rosie Lip Balm from her shop! (This is me!!) 
Poppy: Blog Name: Project Gadabout – A Look At Jazz

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

― Friedrich NietzscheTwilight of the Idols


UPDATE!!!!!   And we have a winner!

Congratulations to Kim Covell-Campbell!!!

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  1. Followed MsLaveaux on Twitter, liked her darling page on FB.. already following the lovely MB's tweets, blog & FB page. Now here's?my one entry comment. On my way to tweet about it. Who doesn't love sultry new music, rosy lips & a party?
    Heather Sunshine