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Saturday, October 27, 2012

That's right my pretties....the Witch of the Wicked West has landed at Margarita Bloom! Halloween is going to be here in four days! Can you believe it? 

So without further ado we're introducing our Black Licorice Lovely Lotion below...The Witch of the Wicked West. This Shea Butter lotion smells ah-mazing & feels delicious! It'll leave your skin soooo soft! and smells so good you'll want to literally lick yourself. heehee...

Did you know that licorice was used during ancient Egyptian times and that licorice was found in King Tut's Tomb? During this time hieroglyphics highlighted the fact that men of ancient Egypt used to drink specially made drinks with licorice!

Even Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Cesar used licorice! How about that?  

Don't forget peeps! 15% off special going on now until October 31, All Hallows Day, Samhain! Use Code "midnightrendezvous"
Happy pretties!

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