Let's Ring in the New Year 2013!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years EVE!!!! We're going to rock this!!!
This has been a fabulous year of meeting new peeps, new companies, and making potions! Now, let's make new resolutions to change our lives for the better because 2013 is going to totally be awesome, don't you agree?

I know I'm accomplished quite a few resolutions...
...the dreaded "I resolve to lose weight" Check!! 
(Finally!!! doing a happy dance!)
Gotten rid of a few bad habits...
like drinking too much soda. Check! 
Resolve to drink lots more water & eat healthier. Check! 
(Which gave me healthier hair and a clearer complexion...booyah!)
And even though I pamper everybody else with our delicious pampering products I sometimes have to remind myself to take my own advice even when money is tight...like my recent splurge on a gorgeous heart backed white dress that I simply fell in love with. An early birthday gift to myself. *dimple*

So what are my New Years Resolutions this year?
To work smarter, not harder....
To keep on making super fabulous beauty potions for *you*!
To find fabulous new stockists.
To make more money to live better. 
Making more money means traveling!!! Something I've always wanted to do!!
To overcome my insecurities.....
To get over my fear of the dentist!!! Eek. That's a big one.
To take my deepest hidden dream...and make it come true.

What are *YOUR* Resolutions this New Year 2013? 

In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous pictures and awesome songs to bring in the New Year! 
(Throwing a handful of gold star confetti in the air!!!!) Whoohoo! *Champagne clink*

NYE in 1937!!

-------pictures via tumblr, facebook, & pinterest.---------

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