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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey peeps, so sorry I've been MIA this last week what with no posts...goodness gracious but it was so busy...almost as busy as it was in November for Christmas Goodies!!! It's amazing how busy it gets then boom...all quiet! It's a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy! giggle...

So for February we're having a fabulous special! Have you seen our elegant Lady in the Garden Soap in our Beauty, Grace & Charm Collection? Don't you just love it? It's actually styled after the wonderful art of Fragonard. 

Jean Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) was a French Painter of the Rococo Period. His paintings are absolutely sublime. Here are a few that I love. 

                                           Source: cavetocanvas.com via Clare on Pinterest

                                                Source: Uploaded by user via Connie on Pinterest

                                                                                            Source: allartclassic.com via Paula on Pinterest

Our SPECIAL which runs until the end of February is spend over $50 before shipping and you can get one of our Lady in the Garden Soaps for FREE!!! Booyah!

By the way, Happy Presidents Day!! and a big hello to all our followers!! So happy to have your as newest peeps. *smiles*

This week we're having some more tunes from "Grimes" I just love her voice and cool videos. What with it being Monday, I thought it was quite apropos for a video with the name "Oblivion" for our Monday Dance Moves post. Enjoy!

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