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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey there! It's April already? Where did all these months, days, & hours go? Times does seem to fly by when you're so busy with business and wanting spring to hurry up and get here so you can finally....finally....finally! have some warm weather. Yes, I do seem to be venting there. *dimple* My inner surfer girl just can't stand cold weather.

So anyhoo, I was browsing through all my fabulous pages up on Tumblr when I came across this little pick me up of exercises and thought I should totally share it with you. Ever since I changed my lifestyle and started eating better I've also started exercising a lot more...walking more, doing sets of squats (200 every day!!!) and crunches every day. Plus, it's an essential part of your beauty arsenal to be fit and healthy!

Mmm, don't you just love those tropical pics...great motivation eh?
 *wink wink* 

Give the routine below a try and don't feel bad if you can't do the whole routine the first or even the 10th time around. Start at your own pace, even if it's only 10 reps of each. (That's something I wish someone had told me a long time ago... I might have gotten fit a lot sooner!!) 

Let us know how it goes! Or if you have your own exercises you do feel free to share. After all, a Margarita Bloom lifestyle is all about, smelling delicious, being pampered, being fit and healthy....beauty inside and out! Rock it peeps!

All pics via Tumblr.

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  1. I'm exactly the same way Sandy! The day just seems to get away from me. I try to do little reps throughout the day of various exercises. Thanks lovely!! Hope yours was good too. xx