Electro Swing DJ Jasmin Apolant....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey peeps, it's no secret I LOVE music!! And I love to dance so we're featuring a fabulous friend of ours Jasmin Apolant, her sweet tunes & awesomesauce website! You HAVE to check it out. Here site is called "Burlesque Napoli" It's all about swing music, burlesque and the fabulous DJ complilations that Jasmin puts together. By the way, she's from Berlin and Italy...how cool is that!!!! 

"Jasmin Apolant is an artist from Berlin living in Naples. She started performing with the great Ex Crazy Horse Dancer Claire Vasseur in Paris. With here sensual & cute Burlesque numbers she creates a magic Atmosphere everywhere she performs!"

An excerpt from her website: 
"A mix of Electro Swing, House and Breakbeat has the crowd in a magic mood ~ This is the perfect mix of soulful Swing and Jazz from the 20ies till the 60ies mixed with funky Beatz and pushing House. The love for this Genre grows every year, in cities like Berlin, London, Paris the Electro Swing Club Nights with Burlesque Performances, Vintage Shop's & Swing Classes are taking over the Cities. Pull out your grandmas chic and dance with us"

Her sweet Tunes below which, yes, I am dancing to right now are super full of energy and right at the 15 minute marker it really reminds me of "The Great Gatsby!". Just makes me want to get all gussied up like a flapper and dance...dance...dance darling! giggle...

Jasmin...you're a true Margarita Bloom girl! No doubt about that!

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  1. Sandy@OohLaFrouFrouMay 29, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Hi lovely! I just left a comment but am not sure you received it, as I just received an e-mail from Disqus to verify my account ... which I don't have, so I guess I commented the wrong way! So I'll try again, forgive me if you received it and am repeating myself. I had mentioned that we can always count on you to bring us new and exciting music each week! I also mentioned that the kitty-wear in the previous post was too adorable! Hope all is well, lovely, and that the sun is shining on you this week! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  2. Hi sweets! Always lovely to hear from you. Darn Disqus with all their updates...it must be making the comments go whacky. I'm glad you were able to get this one through though! Yes, I do love my music...keep me going actually. When in doubt of a bad day, turn up the music and dance. lol... Aren't those kitty stockings adorable?!! lol.. Theyr'e too cute for words. Thank you so much for taking the time Sandy to pop by...a lot has been going on over here...some good, some not so good but you definitely brightened my day. xoxo