sunday fun day...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Sunday peeps...which means it's time for a little fun & weirdness with Kesha, some unicorns, rainbows and James Van Der Beek...while we work in the beauty 

Things to do in the Beauty Lab:

We'll be revamping our Wholesale Catalog for our Stockists
 for easier ordering along with some new products! Hooray!!

We'll be working with facial serums, some cleansers, and our 
Vespers Vanity Cucumber Jelly Masque. Double Hooray!

We've been especially lovin' the Lavender lately for our potions!
Gosh, it smells SO good! *wink* Raise your hand if you love me some Lavender! 
We love to sniff the sweet smell of lavender when we're not feeling so's an instant pick me up. It's great to use on the face as it helps to circulate the blood. Now, what does that have to do with your pretty profile you ask? When you have an increase in your blood flow more nutrients and oxygen are being introduced to you skin which helps with cell turnover...making your skin look healthier and have that glowy look. *wink*  That's really rad, right? 

You can even use Lavender for wounds, scrapes, sunburns will even heal faster when using lavender, it's great for wrinkles too!!....pretty awesome essential oil if you ask moi. 

What kind of goodies would YOU love to see scented in lavender essential oil? *wink*

Enjoy and have fun today! 


  1. Sounds awesome! :)

  2. Thank you for those beauty tips! I hope you're having an amazing summer!