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Monday, April 21, 2014

I love that it's finally starting to get warm out which means I can wear pretty dresses out. If you know me, you know I've never really warmed up to wearing dresses. I was never really comfortable wearing them before I lost my weight and started eating healthier but ever since I lost the 30 lbs I've become obsessed with wearing pretty dresses! Obsessed!! 

I got this pretty dress from Sabo Skirt on my last birthday and it has the most darling heart cutout in the back....which of course means you need to have a special kind of bra to wear with it or it's just not going to look right. Which is why I was SOOO thrilled to get an email from Audrey from Strapless Fashion inquiring if we would love to review one of their lovely strapless backless bras! I, of course, said yes!!  I decided to choose their Flowery Lace one because of course it's so girly and pink which you can see below.

It comes in a cute little plastic snap together compartment perfect for storing it when you're not using your bra. It also comes with little pieces of plastic (which you can see in the photo above peeking out from the edges of the bra cups!) to protect the stickiness of the bras too so it keeps it clean and sticky for the next time you use it.

They're super comfortable and easy to put on. You just stick them on. I start off from the bottom and pull up slightly to get a little oomph when I put them on and then attach the middle clasp which is super just slide the two pieces together and voila! I never would have thought something backless and strapless could be SO comfortable. You actually forget you have them on and you get such a lovely profile and extra oomph with them on which I didn't think you could get with a bra like this. I'm wearing mine with my gorgeous heart backed dress below...and see if you can spot Mr. Pineapple in the pics below...he quite liked his closeups! (Believe it or not Mr. Pineapple is the very first pineapple I've ever bought so I thought I'd have some fun in these photos by including some pics of the soon to be pineapple smoothie!! lol....)

Pardon the slightly blurry images...I'm in search of a new camera to replace my old stone age I can have super fabulous professional looking photographs on my blog soon. I'm really starting to get into photography. I think I've found a new passion to obsess over along with my beauty brand! *wink* Oh, but there are SO many different brands of cameras out there to choose from, aren't there?! If any of you wonderful peeps have any suggestions about the type/brand of camera I should check out let me know in your comments. I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas! *wink*

I have to say I'm totally in love with this strapless bra...I adore it and I know I'll definitely be getting another one when this one has been thoroughly used! I never have to worry about wearing a dress that requires a strapless bra...Strapless Fashion is my secret weapon to looking fabulously fashionable! *wink* Go check out their newly revamped site many more pretties on there to ooh over!! I'm heading over there right now myself actually.

Check out some of their sites here: Strapless Fashion - SF FacebookSF Instagram - SF Twitter

*Promotional Samples were provided for this post and all opinions are my own.*


  1. I love the shape of that dress! And your hair is lovely, is that a touch of red I see?!! I have a dress I sewed last year very similar in design, that still hangs in my closet because I was nervous to wear it! I've got a Marilyn Monroe build so I'm super self conscience about it! (I'd love to hear your tips on your weight loss).

    1. Isn't that dress gorgeous?! Aww, thank know it's funny my hair doesn't really have any red in's kind of like a glowy brown/golden blonde but when the flash of my camera hits it it tends to bring out a reddish hue! It might be because I tried to color my hair and got the wrong ended up with strawberry blonde hair and the ends are still a bit brassy. You should totally wear your dress..I bet it looks fabulous on you!! I'm def. going to create a blog post about how I went and lost my weight and started eating's a bit of a :)

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  3. I love this dress , looks so simple and pretty!
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    1. Thank you SO much Gayla! I'm going to go check out your blog right now! xx

  4. I like that dress , It looks amazing on you

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  6. The dress is marvellous and the strapless bra works perfectly for it!! I have some dresses with heart shapes in the back and strapless bras are a need!! You look stunning xx

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