milan fashion week: moschino's barbie world

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's so really is expensive being Moschino. *dimple* I'm currently wishing my pocketbook was a wee bit bigger so I could get one of these gorgeous pieces. They'd go fabulous with my blonde hair, don't you think? *wink wink* Especially that utterly PINK & gorgeous heart shaped purse below!

Who wouldn't want to live the Barbie lifestyle...pretty clothes, big bows, & fabulous accessories for every outfit!!? I know I would. I think Jeremy Scott's line is so much FUN and if there's one thing I belive it's that fashion should be fun! Take a peek at some of my favorites below and watch the these Barbie inspired models walk the Milan Fashion Week runway.  These are the ones I'm going crazy over...the colors, the patterns, the BOWS! and those Moschino roller skates? Yes, please! #barbie #pink #bows #rollerskates #blonde #bighairdontcare

Pretty prints! LARGE sequins, bright colors , denim+pink and big bows! #truelove #fashionobsessed


Have a few spare bucks in your can purchase some Moschino goodies here!!! 

*Photos edited by me.
Photos Courtesy of Vogue, Snappette, honeykick, leebeehive, cartier-mints, Manic Instinct, Bruna Muratori.



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