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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Wednesday you gorgeous peeps you! I hope you've been having a fabulous start to your October! There's a slight chill in the air, the leaves are starting to change to their true and oh, so beautiful colors and Halloween is almost here! My favorite time of the year! I've got plans to go get my first caramel apple of the season...mmm, I can already taste it. Yum!

I've been fairly itching to get this post up for quite some time now but haven't had the time. In fact, I had this planned out in my head before I even had this new blog design started! Ha! This #WishLustList is Geek & Tech related. I have to admit I used to daydream when I was little about what it would be like to live back in the Victorian Era...all the pretty dresses, parasols, elbow length gloves, horse drawn carriages and the like but since then I've come to realize I love my technology and gadgets. I'm quite happy in the time and age I live in...besides I could never live without the wondorous thing that is indoor plumbing. *giggle*

I've actually just purchased the first item on my WishLustList so I guess I can officially check it off! I just ordered the Samsung NX2000 camera and I'm soooooooo excited to get it in and start taking copious amounts of photos for the blog. Whoohoo! SO excited!!!

When it comes to technology I'm currently lusting over vintage & modern cameras, a tres chic laptop with a pop of pink, Unicorn gadgets and Doctor Who! I'm sure you've noticed there's a lot of white going on in this list...I'm definitely lusting over the color blanc and decided to go with it for my new camera. It's just so chic and sophisticated. I have to admit I was quite tempted to get the pink though!!

What do you think about my Tech Picks? What's your favorite? *wink wink*

Photos Courtesy of: Microsoft Store - Urban Outfitters - Lomography - Think Geek - Newegg - Samsung

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  1. Those unicorn items are lush, am loving those so much, wooo! I need them :)))) xx

  2. I love that little pink camera!