♥ Pink For Valentines ♥

Sunday, January 25, 2015

With Valentines coming up I've got PINK! PINK! PINK! on my mind. And this editorial with Elsa Hosk for Marie Claire Italy from Fashion Gone Rogue is making me yearn for more pink pretties in my wardrobe. I just realized I don't really have anything pink in my closet. I wear loads of pink lipstick, pink nail polish but not one bubble gum hot pink shirt or dress or even skirt. I really need to recitify that ASAP. giggle... Especially with that one photo below of that gorgeous pink gingham swimsuit and pretty candy pink heels. I need those in my closet. le sigh...so pretty!

Aren't these photos just oh, so pretty! I'm kind of loving those gold lame shorts...though I'm not sure I'd look as good as Elsa does! *wink*

Photos Via >>> Fashion Gone Rogue

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