REVIEW & GIVEAWAY ♥ My Newest! ♥ Kawaii Box!! ♥

Monday, December 28, 2015

Yay! I got in a new Kawaii Box and I can't wait to share it with you peeps!! If you don't know what a Kawaii Box is...basically, it's a subscription box from Japan with cute little candy, stationary items, plushies, stickers and the like. It costs anywhere from $17.30 to $18.90 a month.  I just adore this cute little box. It always perks up my day when I get to discover what cute little goodies are on the inside. heehee..... This little box came with so many "kawaii" items in it!! Here's what we have in this one!

1. Meiji DIY Suchi-Bar Gummies
2. Animal Sticker Sheet
3. Neko Emoji Mini Mini Pouch
4. Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers
5. Popcorn Rolling Stamp Set
6. Heart Shaped Nail Flakes
7. Unchi-Jun Poop Lollipop
8. Pattern Envelope Set
9 Finger Family Monster Pouch
10. Lollipop Pen
11 Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch

So much CUTENESS, right?! The Little Kitty Cat Dish in the picture below didn't come with the box. I got it at Home Goods. Isn't it adorable?!! 

Below you can see the pink little pouch called a Finger Family Monster Pouch, Heart Shaped Nail Flakes which are sooo cute and are an iridescent pink color!! I will most definitely be using those. Heart shaped anything and I'm a happy peep. *wink* 

 This box came with a cuuuuute plushie called a Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch which actually has a little zipper for you to put cute little items into. It has the words LOVE over it's heart. Awww...... What a cute little bunny!!  Oooh, and next to it you'll see what looks like a pink and green lollipop!!  It's actually a pen!! cuuuute!! And then next to it...yes, that is a poop! OMG. A poop lollipop. I haven't tasted it yet.  Okay...okay... I'll go do it now. Wait a second........Here I go. Lick...lick...hey, wait! It tastes like cola or root beer! Really good!! I'm loving the poop lollipop. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth! Ha! 

One of the things I LOVE about these boxes is their cute little DIY candy kits like the one below. Meiji DIY Suchi-Bar Gummies. They're cute little gummie candies that you take out of the package and place a sushi shaped gummy on top of the other one so it looks like sushi! More photos coming soon up on my instagram!! Next to it is a cute little Neko Emoji Mini Mini Pouch. It kind of looks like a kitty, doesn't it? It's super perfect for putting coins in and so adorable, don't you think? 

Another closeup of those pretty pink heart flakes for your nails and one of my favorite items in this box.....Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers! You can use them to decorate your phone or any other item you want. I love the pretty sparkle they give off with their gem and heart shapes. The pink hearts have to be my favorite. 

I couldn't resist including this little snap of my kitten Jane Austen! She loves my Kawaii Box too!!!

Check out those awesome animal stickers!! There's penguins, whales, wolves, cute little polar bears, snow bunnies, fish, seals ....even walruses! OMG, they're soooo cute and they're puffy to the touch. More pretty pics of the lollipop pen and poop lollipop. heehee....

 Next up are these adorable envelopes! They're pink and white and yellow and have the sweetest little elephants on them and in between each elephant are flowers...little daisies. They're SO sweet. 

 Finally, a stamp set!  Eeee! Adorbs! It comes with stamp ink, little roller stamps and three little hand stampers.  I can't wait to use these. The little kitties on the package are just perfect. 

 Pretty cute, right? You'll be able to see more snaps of these cuties up on my Instagram so keep your peepers out!! So now, that you've seen how much cuteness can fit into one little box, do you want to win one? Of course you do! Just enter via our raffle copter below. Open Internationally. Lots of kawaii luck!




  1. Cuteness overload I love Kawaii.
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  2. These are just so cute :))) happy new year's eve my lovely xx

    1. To you as well!! Aren't they? Love Kawaii Box!!!