REVIEW Etude House ♥ Bling Me Prism Ruby Red Lips ♥

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hey Kittens! So January is usually a kind of slow least to begin with when it comes to my beauty brand though I'm sure it'll start to pick up soon especially with Valentines Day coming up and that means I have some extra time to get some blog posts done! Yay! Probably one of my favorite collections is our "Lonely Hearts Club"  Valentines Beauty Collection! le, bows, kittens, and love!! It's got it all pretties!! Check it out here. We just put it up. 

So one of my Christmas presents was this Etude House Bling Me Prism Red Lipstick and I wanted to show you guys how gorgeous it is!!  If you can believe it I've only just started to wear red lipstick since last year. I always thought it didn't look good on me but who knew?! It's my favorite color now...well, next to hot pink!! giggle...  I think I must have thought it was too bright for my pale complexion or I must have tried an orange red color (which does not look good at all with my coloring!) and it really influenced me because I never tried red lipstick again. 

Well, it was actually my new liquid lipsticks in my "Lonely Hearts Club" Valentines Beauty Collection that changed my mind, specifically the "Lover Boy" Blood Red Liquid Lipstick called "The Virgin". I put it on and goodness, people started comparing me to Taylor Swift. Literally!! I had five people point it out to me that I looked like her. Ha! That converted me. *dimple* I love her style. So I tend to always wear our "Lover Boy" Liquid Lipstick now and it's made me want to try other brands out there to see what other red lush lippies I can discover like this Etude House Bling Me Prism Red Lipstick below. Check out the cute, right?

BTW, you can get those heart shaped sunnies in my shop!!! *in a sing song voice* lol... 

I bet you think that's an actual lipstick, don't you? Well, you're in for a surprise! heehee...keep scrolling down pretties. 

 I love Korean makeup especially Etude House. Their packaging is always so cute and pretty to look at and this doesn't disappoint. This little lippie came in a pretty red box and the container is even prettier & sneaky! It looks like an actual lipstick...but it's not! It's a liquid lipstick complete with a soft doe applicator wand!!  The "lipstick" part is clear so the color is the actual lipstick you'll be applying to your lips. Sooooo neat! Oh, and the little Coral colored packet next to it was a little sample of coral colored lipstick from Skinfood. Very matte and a little drying but pretty nonetheless.  

 I did a little swatch for you and yep, shaped it like a heart! It's a pretty candy apple red. At first I wasn't so sure about it...was it too bright against my pale skin? Nope, I find I really liked it after a few days of wearing it.  The formula was very lovely, bright & moisturizing on my lips. It's staying factor was probably a 3 out of a 5. It tends to come off easily and get on my teeth a bit so watch out for that but I thought it was lovely and I would repurchase it. *wink* 

Here's what it looks like on my moi! *wink wink* Mwah! Very pretty, right? I thought so! I'm thinking I need to take some snaps of one of our "Lover Boy" Liquid Lipsticks, oui and do up a pretty post on that soon! The more lipstick the better. *dimple*

Kisses, Kittens! Stayed tuned for my next post!! *wink*




  1. That is a gorgeous colour, love it!! I have some lipsticks to review soon too. Just love lipstick, haha :)) xx

  2. i just follow your blog<3