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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Okay, I know St. Patrick's Day was on the 17th but I thought why the heck not do a post where the color green is front and center.  Plus, with it officially being Spring now what could be better than a post with a little green envy!  I've come to the realization that I don't actually own anything green besides one neon green top.  *sad face* That's got to change beauties! Pastel Mint is one of my favorite colors...so it pretty much encompasses this list of favorite "green" pretties I want to get. *wink*

Let's start off with that absolutely gorgeous pastel minty dream of a gingham dress...how fabulous is it? The Cookout on The Town Dress from Modcloth. Gingham always has my heart and make it pastel mint colored and I jump for glee! I love the silhouette on this dress and the touches of coral on the bodice and belt really make it pop. It's so sweet and darling...exactly the type of dress I adore.  And wouldn't you know it, Modcloth has the perfect heels to go with said darling dress, The Zest is History Heels in you guessed it...minty perfection!! 

Below that is  gorgeous Wintergreen Emerald Bralette from one of my favorite Etsy shops, OhhhLulu!...dark green velvet....yes, please. And it's handmade to order! You can even get a high waist (my favorite kind!) panty that matches it. I love that store.

*** Green with Envy Favorites List  *** 
1.) The Cookout on The Town Dress from Modcloth  -  
2.) The Zest is History Heels from Modcloth - 
5.) Kawaii Pastel Bunny Necklaces from Dolly House - 
7.)  Pastel Mint Green Canvas Sneakers from Forever 21 - 
 8.) "Mouthy Moira" Spiced Vanilla Honey Body Butter from our "Lucky Lolita Collection" 

I really need to get some new sneakers so I couldn't resist adding in two gorgeous sneakers to this list...the Puma Mint Green Seude Basket Sneakers from ASOS and adorable Pastel Mint Green Canvas Sneakers from Forever 21. They're sooooo fabulous! And while I may not be able to afford the Puma ones just yet I can totally afford those cute canvas sneakers. They would even go perfectly with the Cookout on the Town Dress from Modcloth, don't you think? 

Actually, everything on this favorites list would go together in an outfit, wouldn't it? *wink* 
I didn't even plan that when picking out these pretties! Ha! *giggle*

There's another cute store on Etsy called Dolly House that I absolutely looooove. They have some of the most adorable jewelry I've seen and with Easter coming up these Kawaii Pastel Bunny Necklaces are too sweet to pass up. 
Yes, it comes in mint but also other cute pastel colors like yellow, pink, blue, lavender. If I'm honest, I want them all. lol...

Really could anyone resist that Bisous Gold Heart Mint Vanity Case from ASOS? Not me! I have a makeup bag with neon pink hearts on it and this vanity case would make a nice addition to my collection. *wink* Plus, it's just so pretty to look at!

Finally,  I had to include a little something something from my beauty brand...our "Mouthy Moira" Spiced Vanilla Honey Body Butter from our "Lucky Lolita Collection" which will be available until the end of March. I wish you guys could smell it. It's such a heavenly scent....spiced vanilla and honey, citrus, strawberries, apples and pears....mouthwatering. And our body butter is luxuriously thick and moisturizing and chalk full of shea butter.  We even have a 15% off Easter special 'going on right now...*hint hint* if  you're in need of some pampering potions and really when don't you need to be pampered? *wink wink* 
Have a beautiful day kittens!




  1. I love these things you've picked out. Pastel mint green is one of my favourite colours as well, especially for spring and summer. Oh and those heels are gorgeous, I've got them in sparkly gold and they are just fantastic!
    Hope you have a lovely easter!
    Much love,

  2. whooaah.. Lovely post! and them colors are way too good :))
    Vaida | www.donttellanyone.net/blog