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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hey peeps! Have you seen our latest special? I know you love our deodorants, you've certainly been buying up loads of them lately. *wink*  So we thought we've got to give the peeps what they want!! Buy any three deodorants and we'll include an extra fourth one for free in your order. Yas! You love that, right? And no code required!

What's your favorite scent? Rose? Aphrodite? Lavender? Coconut?
if you don't see it up at our sites, just send us an email. We LOVE getting custom requests. *wink wink* 

Who wouldn't want a custom made deodorant? They're pretty to look at...has a cute bow on it like a little gift to good for your skin (no aluminum)...and smells amazing. It's a no brainer babes. You HAVE to get to one and for your friends. *dimple*

Margarita Bloom - Storenvy Shop



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