WISHLIST ♥ My Pretty Little StyleWe Wishlist ♥

Monday, August 22, 2016

I thought it was way past time for a wishlist! Yay! I squeezed in some time to put this together after I found this gorgeous website called StyleWe.com. OMG, they have so many beautiful dresses, purses, skirts and the like...I could hardly choose my favorites there were so many I wanted to include. Here are a few that caught my eye....and yep, there's lots and lots of pink in this wishlist. I really need to add more pink pretties to my closet. I hardly have any! They're all very fun, girly, classic and sweet....like me! *dimple*

Don't you just love them all?!!! Those purses are absolutely adorable, oui? Cats and pineapples!!!! ugh...so cute! If I had to choose what to get first I'd probably go for #6 and #5 first! Utter prettiness....what do you think? Do you like any of these pretty dresses? I'm off to go drool over more of their pretty fashions...you can check them out at StyleWe.com. *wink wink* 

Have a beautiful day!!!




  1. Oh yes!
    I love these! I would also go for 6. Six or 4!! And 5 of course. Oh, who am I kidding... I want it all!
    Lovely list darling.
    Much love,

    1. I know, right?!! So many cute dresses at that website! le sigh...

  2. Replies
    1. There are soo many pretties there too. I need everything! lol...