BEAUTY ♥ A Tale of Witchy Things. ♥

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October pretty witches! Ah, the month of spooky fabulous delights, pumpkin everything!! (I just made a pumpkin cheesecake too!!) and our new spooky collection "Witchy Things". This may be my favorite collection of all time!! I love Halloween...all the fabulous movies I get to watch..."Hocus Pocus", my favorite Elvira Movies, the CANDY!!!, playing dress up (though I don't get to do that as much as I want to!) and pretty & magical beauty potions like the ones below. These are a few of the beauty treats in our new collection "Witchy Things" which you can find up on our website. Look at all the prettiness!!! 

These are our "Into the Woods We Go" Sandalwood & Rose Fizzing Bath Cake Melts. They're full of cocoa butter, botanicals and more that will fizz in your bath releasing all their wonderful moisture and earthy rosy scent.

Pretty Pink satin and black as midnight labels and there's lace paper with glitter on it too!! 

Another shot of the bath cakes...look how big they are! Only $7.50 per each one. 

Something new we're gonna be adding to our catalog...a new lip color "Witchy Things" a Dark Plum Matte Rich & Famous Lipstick. Email us to order pretties.

Our irresistible "Nymph" Under Eye Creme! and Ugh, look how pretty and SO pink! They have raspberry oil, squalene, peptides, caffeine and black currant oils in it. It comes with a heavenly and magical sniff of Bulgarian Lavender Oil but if you want to get it unscented just email us. It's specially formulated for dark circles and under eye bags so you can have a gorgeous come hither stare.... *wink* It even comes in a gorgeous pink satin bag.   

Now, these...these I'm super excited about. I really wanted to add more color to our line of beauty potions and more pink loveliness. Ergo, the pink tins.  I'm SO in love with them. Our candles are now going to come in these. These our are "I'm Your Venus" Candles named after the Bananarama Song...they smell so goddess worthy...cotton candy, vanilla, lily, strawberry, caramel, and more!! They're colored a pretty pink purple and adorned with rose petals, lavender buds and pretty sparkly glitter. Holy Hannah, they're SO perfect!!! They come in a sparkly white organza bag too. 

Our "Mermaid " Facial and Body Cleanser...I am addicted to this stuff! SUPER moisturizing it's everything I ever wanted in a shower creme. You will LOOOOVE it!! These cleansers come chalk full of coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil and our "Mermaid" one even has seaweed in it! smells like bottled sea air, green fresh crisp ocean green, beguiling night blooming jasmine, muguet and mossy-greens with amber, musk & cedar. Oh,'ll love it. *wink* It even comes in two sizes...4oz and 8oz. Below is our "I'm Your Venus" Facial and Body's PINK!!! *screams silently* It's so much fun to use. heehee...

Those are just a few sneaky peeks at our potions that you can find in our "Witchy Things" Collection...what do you think...spooky and fabulous right? Plus, we have a special going on now where you can get a free What a Delightful Eyevul Eye Creme when you order over $60+ in your order before shipping. Yay!! No code required. Happy October witchy poos!! Let me know what you think of these potions and if you have any requests or ideas for more spooky products!! I'm going to go stuff my face with some of that pumpkin cheesecake now! *wink wink*




  1. Oh dear, I think I need like everything!! Haha!! It all looks amazing, yesss!! xxx