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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Eee! Another box from Japan Candy Box. I never get tired of these sweet deliveries that I get from Japan filled with delicious snacks and treats I've never tried before. I can't wait to show you what was in this box and of course Japan Candy Box was kind enough to do a giveaway at the end of this post too. Exciting, right? 

Let's see what we got in this delicious box!!! Look at all the fun packaging!! The colors, the cute illustrations. It's always so much fun discovering what the goodies are. I can recognize at least one treat....caramel corn!!! Yeah! Let's dig in peeps.

First we have these colorful little candies called Kabaya Mixed Fruit Bottle Candy.
 So yummy and fruity...they remind me of mini Dum Dum lollies. I liked these and the packaging was super cute. Rilakkuma Bear agrees! lol...

Next, we have a DIY kit. There are actually two DIY kits in this box! Fun! This one is called Kracie Dodotto Octopus Eggs DIY Kit that creates a sort of soda pop frothy candy snack.  It comes with little packets that you add water to, and one packet has colorful hard rock candy in it. There's a mixing spoon, a container with two cavities and a little Octopus Shaped tool that creates the "Octopus Eggs". The packets come numbered and I'm not gonna lie...I couldn't read the directions so I looked up a YouTube video of how to make it. haha...

Packet one goes in one part of the cavities and packet two goes in the other. You add a certain amount of water to it and voila. The clear candy water tastes like soda pop! and the blue one is what creates the "Octopus Eggs".  You take the little Octopus shaped comb tool and suck the blue candy liquid into it and release it into the soda pop liquid which creates these little gel balls or "Octopus Eggs"! It's sooo neat! 

Once you do that you leave a little bit of the blue liquid in the other cavity and add packet three and you get a kind of candy foam! A foam. How freaking neat is that? Now, just scoop out the "Octopus Eggs" into the foam and open the last packet which has the colorful rock candy in it. It's has a very sweet soda pop flavor to it and the foam, the jelly like eggs and hard rock candy are quite a combination of textures.  It was a lot of fun discovering how to make it and eat it. I quite liked those "Octopus Eggs"...they had a very bubbly effervescent flavor.

Onward we move to the Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy. Cuuuute little Pokeman on the bag. These were like little tabs that tasted like pineapple. They were okay. Not my favorite but quite tasty. 

Eee! Another cute DIY kit. This one is called Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Animal Candy Land DIY Kit. It comes with two little blocks of white candy, a cute little animal mold, a painters palette with multiple cavities and little color packets. 

First thing you do is take the little blocks of white candy and open them and press them into the molds until it's all used up. You'll get multiples of some of the cute animal shapes. This mold has a cute seal with a ball on his nose, a star, and some fishes! Adorable! So press the white candy in and simply bend back the mold to release the candy. 

Here they are taken out of the mold and placed on a plate.

Now, take the candy color packets and add one to each cavity on the right hand side. You'll get three primary colors; yellow, blue and red. Now, just take the mixing tool that came with the kit and take a bit of whatever colors you can to create another color in the smaller cavities. Red and blue to make different variations of purple, red and yellow for orange and so on! 

You take the tool and simply add the color of your choice to the little indentations on each molded candy shape like below! Cute, right? They have a sweet candy taste to them. Not too bad but not quite my favorite flavor. They were loads of fun to make though!!

Now, to one of my absolute favorite treats in this box...the Tohato Caramel Corn. OMG, these were incredibly tasty!! Nom...nom...nom...nom...I couldn't stop nibbling on these. Two thumbs up from me. I'll be looking for these to buy in the future. 

These little green rectangular shaped cuties tasted like apple gum! I believe they are the Coris Soft Candy. I quite liked these a lot!! 

Ahh, look at these heart shaped treats! The Calbee Vegetable Snacks. Yep, they're made from vegetables! Sooo neat and quite tasty. Not sweet but very savory and sooo pretty to nibble on. 

These....these were my absolute favorite candy in the whole box. Mmmm....OMG, I want more right now. The Kanro Pure Mini Gummies. Grape flavored gummies that remind me of Sour Patch Kids!! These babies are soo yummy and I'll be looking to purchase some more most definitely. If I had to recommend one treat to get from this box this would be it and the Tohato Caramel Corn. My favs!!!  

Coming up cute little round Grape Gum...Coris Soft Centered Grape Gum. They look like Jaw Breakers but are soft and chewy!! Pretty darn good. 

Doraemon Ramune Squash Soda Bubble Gum...cute little sticks of yummy gum. Definitely had a soda pop taste to them and were yummy. 

So what did you candy right? Which one was your favorite and you'd love to try? Leave me a comment below and enter the giveaway for one of these fun boxes below! Yas!! You can also visit their site and order some of their subscription boxes!! They make a great gift as well. :)

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