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Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm SOOO excited to try this Matcha Green Tea from Jade Leaf Matcha out! They were so kind to send me a sample to try out and review. I've only ever tried the Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks (YUM!!!) and the one from Trader Joe's. This is Premium Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea with nothing else added and it's also gluten free & vegan. It's sooo delicious peeps. I'm pretty addicted to it. I've almost used up my stash of it and am so going to have to get some more. *wink* Blogger get addicted to all the spooned goodies sent your way! teehee... It comes in a 30 gram packet and you might think that's not a lot but it really did last a long time for such a small size!

Their Matcha comes from their partner farm in Uji, Japan. Matcha itself is full of antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, detoxifies, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, is a great source of natural energy and great for mental clarity. It's pretty amazing stuff. It has a very earthy rich flavor and it's just SOOOO good. I made a few things with it, a Matcha Green Tea Latte and Frappe! I also made some Matcha cupcakes which were amazingly tasty...but didn't get a chance to take photos as they were gobbled up immediately. Hahaha...  

    Here are a few recipes that I made with my Jade Leaf Matcha that you can try out yourself. The Cookies are these delicious Bourbon Petit White Chocolate Filled Cookies! You can get them at Blippo here.... and Market Tokyo on Ebay.

Next up, a Matcha Green Tea Frappe! My favorite! So GOOD on a hot summer day!! I'm gonna be making a LOT of these! teehee...Look how pretty it turned out. I had to top it off with whipped creme and a dusting of the Matcha. I had a Starbucks cup leftover from the last time I got a frappe so figured why not use it!! 

I just love eating pretty food!!! Look how greeeeen it is!!! sigh...
Recipe below! You can save my recipe cards and print them out so you can make your own!! Yay! Feel free to show me your pretty results from this post. 


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