Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Any chance I get I stop by Home Goods I do. Along with Michaels and Target, Home Goods is one of my favorite stores and OMG, I could just spend days in there buying everything cute they have. I have to admit I tend to head towards the kids section first because everything is always SO darn adorable, pastel and pretty! I had been wanting to get a pretty vintage teapot and teacup and even though these aren't vintage...they're very much vintage looking and I just fell in love at first sight of them. I had to have them. I only wish they had had at least one more teacup but alas, I got the last one. Are they not the prettiest things ever!!!?? I'm so in love. 

It's my goal to start making my life as aesthetically pretty as it is in my head. I spend a lot of time up on Tumblr and dude, how I wish my life was as pretty as some of the tumblr pages I come across, all pink and girly, and magical. My place is far from looking the way I want it to but I'm working on it! 

To the left, is my vintage kitty...perfume bottle!! Yes, you heard me's a perfume BOTTLE!
It's SOOOOO cute!! It actually has the original perfume in it too and came in the original box complete with kitties on it. The base is the perfume bottle with pretty pink bows and the kitty comes off revealing a cap where you can access the perfume. Oh, it's just too precious. *heart melts*

I looooove this teacup. The pretty scallop design is so vintage looking, oui? I saw some strawberries and creme tea up on etsy I think I need to get to try with these new beauties. 

My pretty pink organic gingham duvet and shams finally came in from Pottery Barn Kids. I'm so excited! I just need to get a cushy warm comforter and some new pillows to go with them. PINK! PINK! and more PINK please! #aesthetics 

Princess Lily wanted to get in on the fun with my new tea set! One sugar or two Lily? teehee... She's SO pretty...a true princess. Oh, and I got these new blinds called Honeycomb Blinds...they allow for privacy while letting sunshine in which I LOVE cause my room is soo sunshiny all the time. Perfect for taking photos. *dimple*

A close up of my vintage inspired tea set. 

My vintage Hidden Treasure Tinsel Hair Pink Pegasus My Little Pony. 
Pink & Lavender, one of my fav color combos. 

I also got this pink cup at Home Goods. I couldn't not get it. I mean, look at how pink and pretty it is. It was only $2! If they had had more, I would have gotten at least 4. 

Awww, soooo precious. 

And last but not least a new potion we've made called "Teddy Bear"...a deodorant that smells like oats, milk and soft and comforting like a teddy bear's hug. You can find it here! I hope you're having a beautiful week so far peeps! Gonna be sending out a Mother's Day special soon as well. Love to you! xoxoxox

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  1. I looove the kitty perfume bottle! So beautiful. I think if you keep slowly collecting decor for your perfect living space over time it'll all come together. I love the color of your teapot/teacup! My room has a lot of princessy cute girl stuff but my shelves are black and I also like darker colors so it's like a mix of everything. I love fairytale/princess stuff I think we like a lot of similar things too. My favorite is gold everything! Gold and rosegold I'm crazy about it so I've been trying to collect that. I would like to get like a gold mirror vanity tray soon.

    1. Sounds so lovely Suzy! Isn't that kitty bottle adorable? I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. Mwah!