SPOOKY ♥ Halloween Haul ♥

Friday, September 27, 2019

👻👻👻 It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Halloween!!! My favorite holiday ever! ðŸ‘»ðŸ‘»ðŸ‘»

 I managed to get a few spooky pretties though it always seemed like I was just missing it when stores put out their spooky merchandise. There wasn't too much to choose from at my Homegoods. I guess I got there too late and it was picked clean of the good stuff!...lol...I really wanted to get a Ouija Mug or Cookie Jar and a Pumpkin Mug! Michael's never disappoints....so many spooky finds! and I went to a few other places to see what they had. 

I got this awesome Trick or Treat Wall Sign at Ross. 
Not sure if you can tell but Trick or Treat is in glitter! 

My newest plush throw from Homegoods. It's SO spooky!! and soft. Yes, I am addicted to buying throws. I will never stop!! *evil laugh!*  

I can never resist Kawaii Treats! I got these yummy strawberry filled cookies from World Market. 
I need to go back and get the spider web mat I saw there. Ugh, darn budgets! 

Cute treat bags from Target perfect for my spooky soaps in my shop!
 I wanted to get their Witch's hat neon sign but darn it they were sold out! 


 I HAD to get this kitchen towel set from Homegoods. It says, "Bats, Cats, and Witch's Hats!" 

   Orange and black for Halloween!!! This ribbon is perfect for my Trick or Treat Sampler Bags for my shop!

Witch's Boots for Halloween from Michaels! They even have glitter on the laces!!

My favorite Halloweenie movie has to be Hocus Pocus! It's not even October yet but I've already watched it like five times!l I had to get this cutie pie....Binx! There was only one left at Michaels when I got him! I grabbed him up SO fast! 

I originally wanted to get one of these signs but they didn't have them in stock when I went the first time to Michael's. Thankfully, they finally got them in and I had to scoop one up!! Yas!! Princess Lily loves it too. 

If you're looking to get some spooky beauty treats, I highly suggest you check out our Spooks & Scares Custom Beauty Bar Collection up at our web shop pumpkins! It has so many potions to choose from...I Smell Spooky! Perfume Oils, Perfume Mists, Whipped Soap Fluff, Cute and Spooky Mini Soaps, Candles and more!! Here's some photos of some spooky soaps from the collection!

If you want to get any of these, just message me pumpkins! 33 more days till Halloween!! I'm going to go drink some pumpkin spice latte and nibble on some pumpkin gingerbread! (which is the yummiest thing I have ever eaten and coincidentally, I also have a scent in my Spooks & Scares Collection that smells just like it!!!!! I hope I get to pamper *you* soon with some of our spooky potions! *wink*



  1. All of this is so cute!! I love the witches boots especially, they're so unique

    1. Thank you lovely! That was the first item I got actually! I love them!!

  2. So many cute pieces, and I'm smitten with your halloween line for your shop! 💖

    1. Awww, thank you!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love making all these spooky beauty treats!