You're the BALM! Lip Balms have arrived!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We said we would and now finally our new lip balms have been added to the site. Yeah! Pictured above is our Carlotta Carlota Pina Colada Lip Moisturizer. This is so fabulous! Think coconut and pineapple mixed together in perfect harmony...lip smacking goodness! That's not the only flavor we have too! We've put up Beach Bonita Kisses Cherry Berry and Balmy Nights Coconut.....for now! You'll find these in our Beach Bonita Collection.

Our new lip balms which are oh, so good for you are made with nourishing oils like organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, castor oil, beeswax and aloe! They go on smooth, and have a light creamy texture sure to keep your lips soft and supple. Our new You're the BALM lip balms come in a tube perfect to put in your purse or pocket so you don't have to worry about sticking your finger in a pot. Just uncap, swipe and oooh, you're lips are so soft!

One more flavor we have coming is "Mocha-ccino Love".....oooh, I so love this flavor! Coffee and chocolate swirled together to perfection! So yummy I swear I could eat it!! :) Not to mention a sassy "Sexpot" Juicy Pomegranate lip Balm! And I'm sure we'll have lots more, so if you have requests make them now!

We've also made our Belgian Chocolate Soap (look at posts below for a pic!!) available in our Bakery Collection! So yummy and chocolaty!

On another note, our divine Pinktini Soak has been featured! Oh, snap! this is fabulous! Take a gander here at Beauty Xpose.



  1. AHHHHHH smack me with those lips....! lol yes, thats what your man will say! Nice flavor!! Especially for the season!

  2. Hey~ Thanks for adding me to your bloglist. I really like yours too! I will do the same. Daisy~

  3. You're the balm...LOVE IT! What a cute play on words.