It's a MARGARITA Party at Princess Cherry Pie's!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Sunday you fabulous peeps! You all recall my latest post with quite a few new additions to the MB family and one of them is a fabulous company in Australia called Princess Cherry Pie. She has such the cutest retro website (ya know we love it if it's RETRO!) and we just think Vanessa (that's the owner!) is the sweetest peep we've met.

Well, in honor of our bath & skincare goodies debuting in her fabulous shop.....

"Princess Cherry Pie offers a range of beauty and pamper services, including drop dead gorgeous make up,
scrumptious lashes, fall on the floor massages, fresh facials and splendid manicures and pedicures."

Vanessa decided she would have a Margarita party and invite some of her best clients & customers to get first dibs on some of our Margarita Bloom goodies. I'm happy to report and not really surprised that it was....da, da, daaaaaa....a SUCCESS! Everyone loved our MB goodies and the cute names and even yummier smells!

Imagine MB goodies like....

"Prom Queen Micro-Dermabrasion creme...scented in Lemon Vanilla Curd!"

"Bewitching Beauty Queen Milk & Tea Facial Creme Cleanser in Sweet Mandarin Slices & Bergamot!!"

and "Every Day is a Holiday!" Facial Moisturizer in Sweet Mandarin Slices & Bergamot!!"

That's just for starters too! Ooh, la, la! your skin never had it this GOOD. XOXO

Vanessa wrote a post about the party on her blog...go check it out and come back & let us know what you think! You can see a sneak preview of some of the fabulous skincare goodies we'll have coming soon to the Margarita Bloom a fabu collection called "GLAMOURVILLE"....of course! :D

And if you haven't checked out our website you just HAVE to! We have the cutest pages designed on our shop, home and specials page. Plus, we've always got something going on in our specials page; discount codes, freebies, offers galore! Take a look.

As always...KISSES!

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  1. yummo! Your descriptions made me drool a little! hee-hee!! :)