♥ Hello Darling Dear Sayings - "My...what big EARS you have!!" ♥

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"My, what big EARS you have...and Big TEETH!!" ~Little Red Riding Hood.  lol... I think you might have noticed the brand new banner up on top and the new design for the month of October! And our mystical magical playlist has been updated with some of my fav songs...any requests let me know & I just might add them!! Yep, it's that time when all things bump in the night, vampires come out of their coffins, werewolves prowl under the moon, and those witchy witches are plotting & mixing up some delightful potions. It's HALLOWEEN!!! OH, snap! 

Just thought you'd like to get a little inspiration this Halloween Holiday (my favorite month!!!) so here's our very own "Hello Darling Dear" Quotes...if you're friends with us up on Facebook you know how I LOVE our quotes and am always posting inspirational quotes to our peeps...so I thought I'd do it here for you too my darling peeps. Enjoy! and be inspired!!


  1. I found you on SITS today. What a fun site you have. (The better to entertain me with?)

  2. Aww, thank you! Ha, you bet!! I love to inspire and entertain my peeps. :)