*Midnight Matinee At Margarita Bloom*

Friday, October 15, 2010

Do you remember 
all those nostalgic drive-in movie theaters 
they had back in the day
with those little speakers
they'd put on the side of the car? 

You could just drive up 
in your 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, 
with your honey to cuddle with 
or stuff yourself full on
yummy chocolates, 
& popcorn 
with some good
....scratch that...
GREAT friends.

I wish they still had those 
little pieces of history in abundance.
Frankly I would of LOVED 
to get to view a spooky Halloween movie
with friends or family! 
So in honor of those delicious 
Midnight Matinees Movies
& because I LOVE movies so much
...I shall entertain you..... 

Tonight for your pleasure...
we have a classic Halloween delight...
"Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman" 

Be sure to check back...
we'll have more Midnight Matinee's
just for you...

Now get your chocolate malt balls,
buttery popcorn,
and drinks ready....
After all you don't want to run out!! LOL...

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