Gobble Gobble from Margarita Bloom!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello there darling! We hope you've had a 
delightful Thanksgiving...stuffed full of delights like turkey, 
cranberry sauce, oh, and don't forget that oh, so delightful pumpkin pie....mmmmmm....just a second....(licking my lips) umm, just had to take a little nibble of my slice of pumpkin pie! 
Its been starring at me for the past five minutes. lol... 
just one more bite.....  

(five minutes later)

Sorry about that... {sheepishly grinning}
Okay, so where was I?
Oh, yes!

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving day?
And now, how about a little shopping!!!!! :D

I just read your mind, didn't I?  I'm good at that you know... 
You can save 20% off all our goodies in our chic & fabulous boutique, no code required. Just place a minimum order of $25 and voila it automatically deducts 20% from your total. 

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P.S. We've dolled up the website with a little Parisian Glamour!!! It's Christmas in Paris this year at Margarita Bloom! & you're invited to share it with us!!!!


  1. that is the greatest pic for the season Ms Regina~Sure hope you had a divine holiday~!!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! I'll have to check out the chic and fabulous boutique now!