More Stocking Stuffers! Christmas wouldn't be complete without Rudolph!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Find it in our Wonderland Collection in 
many more holiday-lish scents too!!!


  1. Yummmmmm ... anything that says cinnabun gets my attention!! And if it involves a foot rub, even more heavenly. Maybe if it smells like cinnabun it would be easier to convince my husband to rub my feet more often! ;)

  2. This looks so good! Cinnabun goodness for the feet.

    By the way, today I received the Margarita Bloom Birthday giveaway prize that was hosted by the Bon Bon girls! Thanks so much. I love the perfumes. The Coffee Ice Cream smells good enough to eat and the Let Them Eat Cake perfume is just heavenly. Love!

  3. Oh, gals you would love Rudolph!!! He's just the sweetest little reindeer ever and smells sooo good too! Baked cake, brown sugar and cinnnnnaaammmooon!!! :)

    You betcha Sandy! I bet you wouldn't even have to ask twice!! lol...

    Yay!! Elisa we're so happy you got your prizes and that you love them! Would you mind if I posted your extra fabulous oh, so glamorous comments on our Twitter and Facebook page for everyone to oooh...and ahhhh over? It'd just make my day! {Big smile}

    ~ Regina @ Margarita Bloom

  4. Absolutely Regina! Go ahead and post away. And I also want to mention that my prize was so nicely packaged. It was a complete treat!