♥ Bonjour! Mes Cheris!! ♥ We've had a Makeover! *wink*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bonjour, my darlings! *wink wink* 
You may have been asking yourself lately 
why haven't you been seeing more of moi 
via our twitter or facebook pages?

Quite simply, we've been giving our website 
a spa makeover & that takes a LOT of creative juices!
Whew, it's a great workout I tell you! heehee...

Well we're finally back from our "spa getaway"
& the new site is a go go! Hop on over &
tell us what you think about it after you read the 
rest of our post of course!

Now, you'll notice there may be some products 
not currently showing on the new site...they've either 
been discontinued or we have plans to add 
them back on. 

But if you have a certain 
goodie on your "Margarita Bloom Wishlist" 
just drop us an email via our 
about what goodie you're interested in 
& we'll see what we can do!

We definitely have plans to add more & more 
goodies so keep your peepers peeled!
If you haven't already sign up via our 
fabulously redesigned VIP 
{Very Important PEEPS}

Get the 411 on this HOT new sale!
You can get 35% off your entire order! 
Check out our website for more 
details on our French Inspired Home Page! 
*wink wink*

P.S. Check out the rockin
 tunes in our new mixpod! 
Have a song request...
just leave us a comment!

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