♥ Let's have our CAKE & eat it too! ♥ *wink*

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To celebrate the grand revamp 
of our website, Margarita Bloom  
I thought we'd have a virtual CAKE Party! 
I'm a bringing the CAKE to you, darlings!

Let them EAT Cake!! 
                                                                             Source: stylemepretty.com via Blanca on Pinterest
                                                                        Source: misspandora.fr via Camilla on Pinterest

                                                                                  Source: etsy.com via Heidi on Pinterest

What's your favorite type of cake? 
Chocolate, Coconut Creme, 
Strawberry or just 
yummy classic 
*wink wink*

                                                                                                                     Source: google.ca via Sandy on Pinterest

Strawberry Angel Cake DEODORANT!
                                                                                Source: avintageposter.com via Tara on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: brabournefarm.blogspot.com via Gail on Pinterest

                                                               Source: savedbythesouthernbelle.tumblr.com via Paloma on Pinterest

                                                                                                       Source: tumblr.com via Cathy on Pinterest

Did you get your PIECE OF CAKE? 
Yummy, isn't it!

What with all this delicious cake 
we'll need something to drink 
won't we? Why I think cake & 
champagne go together like 
"diamonds & pearls" just perfectly!
*wink wink* Enjoy dolls!

                                                                                                 Source: prettyworld.tumblr.com via Flavia on Pinterest

Don't forget to check out our website, 
we're having a Grand Makeover Sale 
where you can get 35% off your 
beauty goodies!! That's what all this 
DELICIOUS cake is for after all! ...giggle...

                                                                                                       Source: stylingyou.com.au via Janina on Pinterest


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