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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hiya peeps!! We're on a campaign!!

No, we're not campaigning to be President....though it feels like it!! ...giggle... We're on a mission to get 250 votes before or by June 30, 2012! Why you ask?

Well, Chase and Living Social are going to be giving away several $250,000 business grants to small businesses (like moi) and we need to get 250 peeps to vote for us to be eligible. From there it's up to the panelists to go through the many essays and pick the winners of these grants. I can't tell you what a grant like this would do for Margarita Bloom! It would be like a fairytale DREAM come true and YOU can help us. *dimple* If we were lucky to be granted this fabulous grant it'd be like this Cinderella finally getting to go to the ball, sparkling glass slippers and all! *smiles*

This grant will ensure our company will be here for a long time to come (maybe even with a gorgeous French/Hollywood Boutique in the near future!!) serving you fabulous beauty potions, awesome customer service and the beauty & inspiration that you peeps sooo deserve! Because we do this for YOU!....for that awesome warm fuzzy feeling we get when you tell how us much you ❤ Margarita Bloom & our beauty potions!

So go show your support for our small beauty business by voting for Margarita Bloom!!! It'll only take you a few seconds....pretty please with rainbow sprinkles and cherries on top! *wink*

Instructions are below on how to vote in the teal box! Read our fabulous little how to guide on how to vote and then click here: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com

~ And please share....share....share with your family and friends...every single vote counts! ~

We want to beautify the World!! with your help!!

Thank you!! You peeps ROCK!!!

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