Wildfox & Jane Austen

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I love Wildfox and couldn't resist posting these lovely images esp. when they're inspired by Jane Austen. I adore Jane Austen and all of her wonderful novels...Jane Eyre being my favorite. Ah, romance! What's your favorite Jane Austen novel? I love how that just pure English Countryside feeling comes through all these photos...the lovely sweet florals, romantic glows...oh, Mr Darcy!!....but you still see that Wildfox twist to them. My favorite is the "I left me heart in Scotland" and the "Hang up that Phone" shirt. Are they're just so cute!!

♫  Jane Eyre        

Okay, that London shirt is something I totally need but I wonder if it comes with the cute pup? *heart melts*

How utterly lovely are those sister shirts? If I had a sister, we'd totally be wearing them with matching floral crowns.

Ah, Scotland! Where the men will promtly make your heart go pitter patter...you know they wear skirts there don't you? Ahem, I mean Kilts.*wink wink* Another reason to put Scotland at the top of our destination list. giggle...

 I wouldn't mind that telephone along with the shirt please! Tres romantic!

Doesn't it just make you want to go make a pot of tea, throw on a flower crown and grab your favorite Austen book to enjoy a cozy night in full of romance that only Austen can give us? le sigh...



  1. These are so so beautiful. I love all the flowers, especially the flower chairs, that is perfect!! Really sets a great mood. Jane Austen is a favourite :))) I hope you are well doll, wish you a sweet day. And I hope the layout comes along, it's ot easy choosing really, just pick something that says you :))) Xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos! Anything with flowers and romance I have such an appreciation for. Great post beautiful. Have a fabulous new week. XO


  3. Wow! These photos are just so fabulous and the clothing is just so fantastic! I love the sisters shirts! Would be so cool to have for my sister and me!