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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just five more days until Christmas peeps! I can't believe it! In my previous post you know how I said I love Christmas time and PLAID!!! PLAID!!! PLAID!!! soooooo I decided to put together a post of a few plaid items (And believe me, there are plenty more to add to this gift guide but I just added my top picks for right now! *wink*) that I'm currently coveting.

There are a few fashions in here from us Margarita Bloom like that awesome retro tartan dress in the lower left hand corner and the Bethany British Plaid dress...because ya know everything is better British! *wink*

I'm a bit obsessed with the punk rocker look so that plaid skirt from ASOS is a must. Just add a tee, leather jacket and combat boots & oh yeah we're rockin now. *wink*

Of course I had to add a few fabulous Etsy stores and Ohhh Lulu is a favorite of mine....that bralette is perfection! They had this emerald velvet lingerie set I wanted to bad but I think they sold out of it. *pout*  I love to stalk that store. And just by chance I came across the cutest knickers...I love saying that word, don't you? So much better than underwear..like I was saying...the cutest knickers from a etsy store called Swoon with sweet Scottie Puppies and plaid! Squeeel....so cute! I had to add those on.

I'm a wee bit obsessed with this one store even though I haven't bought anything yet from them but I plan to!! hahaha... Glitters For Dinner. Yep, there are quite a few outfits from that gorgeous shop located in Australia on this gift guide where everything is actually made to order. I believe it takes something like 2 to 3 weeks to be made and shipped....SO worth the wait! The outfits are all dreamy. I could spend hours on their site. Literally.

The Boots are from Lolli Couture and I actually own them!!!  I got the ones in a tan color but they're all sold out right now except for their dark brown pair which you can gobble up for 50% off! They're pretty awesome. Fit like a dream. Now, I just need some new jeans to go with them or a cute....da..da plaid dress! Heehee, you knew that was coming, didn't you?

I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide! Even if you can't get them in time for X-Mas....they make wonderful New Years presents to yourself or your BFF. Happy Holidays peeps!

P.S We have a giveaway going up at our instagram for one of our Mr Gingerbread Man Soaps!! It ends on Christmas Day!  Go enter!!!

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