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Monday, December 15, 2014

I just love Christmas time and Winter! Every time the season hits I find myself window shopping for pretty plaids in well...anything! It's one of my favorite patterns and just think anything would look good designed with it. What with it being winter and me going mad for plaid I felt it was the *perfect* time to do a review of this pretty little plaid bodysuit from Almost Skin.

So I'm a bit of a history lover and I kind of always wondered...where exactly did plaid originate from?  Believe it or not, this is one pattern that has been thriving for centuries...and I'm sure will keep thriving for a long time to come. When I looked up "plaid" this is the definition I got... "early 16th century: from Scottish Gaelic plaide ‘blanket,’ of unknown ultimate origin." You know, I'm not positive but I might have a bit of Scottish blood in me on my father's side so that makes me a wee bit proud to think I might have Scottish descendants. *wink* And of course, that would explain my nose as well. It's a very proud nose, isn't it? giggle... Actually, plaid goes back to as far as 100BC from the Celtics but the plaid we know today didn't come into existance until the 16th century.

When you think of plaid you tend to think rebel don't ya, you little rebel you? Ha! Me too!! I didn't know this until I did a wee bit of research for this post but did you know Scottish tartans were banned for 40 years because they were linked to the Scottish Rebellion against England!? Thank goodness, that ban didn't last. *wink* I love my tartan!
So now with that teeny history lesson out of the way on to the review of this utterly adorable bodysuit! 

This bodysuit is from the company called Almost Skin. Of course, you knew what drew me to it, don't you? The plaid design and it's pretty blue wintry color. This bodysuit is soft and so pretty. It fits almost like shapewear to the point that it shows off your curves which you can see below. It's quite the confidence booster. *wink* I kind of have to do a double take when I look at these photos of myself...I mean, really I know these are the only photos you've seen of me but I used to be much bigger and I'm always soo surprised when I look at my photos. I'm glad I started doing lingerie reviews because in a way it's really brought up my confidence. I used to be quite camera shy and am still learning my way around being in front of a camera.

The bodysuit hugs your curves and has pretty blue lace around the neckline with the most darling vintage rhinestone pin in the center. But what's really neat about this bodysuit is the snap closure on the bottom..it makes it so easy to be able to use the little girls room without having to get ya know, completely nude! giggle... There's a panel that goes from one side to the other across the back that is a little see through as well as on the bum area. Oooh, la, la! You can kind of see a little bit of it right where my right hand is on my hip on the photo above. I can just imagine putting on a nice big oversized cuddly sweater with knee socks on & sitting in front of a fireplace with some creamy hot chocolate & whipped creme while wearing this pretty bodysuit. Tres romantic. 

What do you think of this bodysuit? Love it or what?! *wink* You can get your own sweet little plaid bodysuit here.  Happy Holidays!

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  1. My goodness, you get cuter every time you post, That body suit is gorgeous, as are you! I love winter too :)
    Bethany x


  2. Sooo pretty, such a lovley bodysuit!
    ♡ Dulce

  3. Love this suit (and your ode to Scotland, of course) and your blog overall! Adorable vintage style!
    xx www.russiandressing.blogspot.com

    1. Why thank you and welcome to my blog! *confetti throw* I'll most definitely be checking out yours. :)