♥ REVIEW: Oh Gorgeous!! Gardenia Brown Sugar Smash Scrub ♥

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's another review of one of our precious potions babes! Have you tried our Oh, Gorgeous! Gardenia Brown Sugar Smash Scrub before? If you haven't, it's a must have potion. Our Brown Sugar Smash Scrubs are perhaps my most favorite of all our scrubs. It makes my skin super moisturized and smell ah-mazing when I use it which is quite often. The fragrance is of course gardenias....so utterly charming and heavenly. If you haven't tried our beauty brand yet you're so missing out. *wink* Our scents and products are simply to die for.

I just had a gorgeous peep ( Hey Kizzy!! ) who bought our Smitten Kitten Shirley Sweet Pea Body Oil tell me that it reminded her of when she went to a gorgeous garden and it was a beautiful day with the sun shining and the smell of sweet peas were in the air...our potion brought back that lovely memory! These are the comments I live for from my customers/friends. *smiles* 

"It was a hot summer night & all the gardenias were blooming among the secret garden & sparkling stars."

This scrub is made with brown sugar...a gentle yet excellent exfoliant as well as a slew of oils, cucumber and green tea extract. Tres jolie, oui? It'll exfoliate your skin all while delivering a rich heady gardenia fragrance and leaving your skin super soft, never greasy. It also has Honey in it babes.  We love honey. As you can see from the lovely photos below it comes in a gorgeous glass jar with an even more gorgeous retro vintage label.  

TO USE: Simply scoop out desired amount you plan on using and place in a pretty pastel bowl...doesn't have to be pastel but come on...who doesn't love a pretty pastel minty green or pink bowl? *wink* Gently rub on skin and wash off with warm water. Your skin is super soft and smells so pretty. Now, get dressed in the cutest outfit you have because you're Gorgeous! *wink* 

You can find this pretty potion at our storenvy shop here and it's sister product the body oil here
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Good until April 10th babes.



  1. This looks gorgeous, really thick...bet it smells marvellous too :))) Perfect, I love scrubs :)) xx

  2. This looks lovely, I love scrubs but never really treat myself too them, this one seems gorgeous!
    Hope you're having a great easter week,
    Bethany x


  3. This scrub sounds really good and I love the name! I've been making my own scrubs with brown sugar, coconut oil and essential oils but I should really check this out when I'm feeling lazy :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves