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Monday, September 14, 2015

It has been way too long since I did a blog post! Whew, time has just gotten away from me lately and I've been uber busy with so many things coming at me at once! I decided I had to get some new blog posts up for you pretties! And can you believe it's September already?!! Where did the summer go peeps? I LOOOVE summer but I'm really ready for no more mosquitoes! Ha!! I must be like candy to them lately because they have been biting me non poor legs! lol... Plus, I'm looking forward to lots and lots of pumpkin treats...probably one of my favorite parts about fall!! Mmm, yummy! In fact, I just tried my first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks the other day...quite tasty! Though, not my favorite!  That's reserved for their White Chocolate Mocha Latte and Iced Coffee Frappe. 

One of the things that has me busy is trying out this new subscription box called Rocks Box. It's a subscription box that's filled with three pieces of jewelry that you get to try out. It costs just $19 a month and you can return the pieces of jewelry any time and get three new pieces of jewelry to try out. If you decide you love all the pieces or even just one you can purchase them at a discount and send back the rest so you can try out another box. So far I've tried out three boxes and I'm loving it ...this one below is my second box and you can see Zeus, my kitten, really wanted to be in the photos!! I had meant to get these up last week but man, has it been hectic peeps!  If you follow me up on Instagram, you'll also see some previous selfies of the pretty baubles I've been trying out. *wink wink*

As you can see Zeus's favorite part was the bow on the box!!! Hahaha!! He's such a cutie pie. 

The three pieces that I got in this box were:  Their Perry Street Bethany Necklace - Slate Barred Cuff -  and Wanderlust+Co Infinity Pretzel Ring! All so very pretty!!!

   I thought I'd pair it up with one of my pretty outfits so you could see how lovely it all looks!  You can get that grid crop top in my shop along with a skirt that matches it here. The skirt was from Romwe but you can find a similar one here since they don't have it in stock anymore. I think my favorite piece had to be the necklace! I love the pop of blue and yellow in it with the pretty crystals which you can see up close below. Isn't that cobalt blue GORGEOUS!? 

Here's a closeup of the Infinity Ring!! I adore their rings at Rocks Box! I've loved every one I've tried so far.  Zeus seemed to like it too! I think he wanted to try it on. heehee.... look at that sweet little paw of his!! 

And there is the Slate Barred Cuff ...I loved how it looked but frankly, it was too big for my itty bitty wrist. Not one of my favorites. I think that Rocks Box is definitely worth trying out and seeing how you like it. I  love the fact that you can keep the jewelry for as long as you want, you're not required to send it back every month, only when you want to try out another set, and if you like one of your pieces you can send the rest back and keep the one you love so you can purchase it. Even the bag it gets delivered in can be used to ship it back to them and then you can eagerly wait for your next box. 

So, guess what I've got? Yep, I've got a code you can use to get ONE MONTH FREE! Ahh, who doesn't love freebies, right?!!  Just go to pretties and use the CODE: margaritabloomxoxo and your first month is free to try out this subscription box. How awesomesauce is that!!  

I'm currently trying out my third box and ooh, man, there's a bracelet in it that is simply divine from House of Harlow 1960! Eee, can't wait to get photos of those beauties for you. Of course, if you're following along on my instagram you'll probably see sneak peeks of them!! *big grin* 

Have a beautiful day peeps! Keep your eyes out for my next bloggy post! It'll have a giveaway in it. *smiles*


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