Review & Giveaway: ♥ The Sweetest Japan Candy Box ♥

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey peeps!! We've been getting slammed with holiday orders over at our beauty shop, Margarita Bloom so I've been one busy beauty bee! I've been sooo missing posting up here and up on Facebook. Holy Hannah, I just don't have enough time in the day!  lol.. All right, so you all know I LOOOOOOVE Kawaii Box...this sweet little Japanese Subscription Box that delivers bundles of cuteness in the form of sweets, stationary, cute toys, and accessories all for $18.90 a month! Weeeeelll, they now have a sister site called Japan Candy Box and it's ALL about delicious candies and chocolates from Japan. I KNEW I needed to review one of these boxes...ever since I had those Green Tea Kit Kats I've been obsessed with everything Japanese. You would be too...OMG, they're delicious. #LOVEGreenTea  

Here's your chance to see inside of these delicious boxes and all the goodies I got to nibble on and get a sugar high on and I really did get a sugar high. Man, I probably shouldn't have tried them all at once...but it was so worth it. Mmmm...... The cute little box comes with about eight to 10 pieces of candy and snacks, again it's very affordable at $19.90 a month and with free shipping! So worth it peeps. Yummy!! Let's take a peek inside. *wink*

This is what it looked like when I pulled back that utterly adorable tissue paper. So many nummies to pick through!!  That Collon big box in the right hand area really got me curious as to what kind of treats they were. Wait till you find out!

I laid them all out so you could see what they all looked like. There were 10 different candies and snacks in this box ranging from biscuits to cookies to gum! 

They included a nice little list of all the snacks in the box so I could match them up..after all I don't read Japanese but wouldn't mind learning how to! *dimple*

First up were these delicious chocolate cookies called Bourbon Petit Chocolate Chip Cookies. They tasted like a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Crunchy and sweet and chocolaty! Look how cute and tiny they are!!!  

This little treat in such a cute shaped package are Sakuma Line Drops. They tasted very fruity and lemony and were sooooooo good. I definitely want to buy more of these!

I think Ichigo is eyeing my candies! And yes, I named my Rillakuma Bear!

These melt in your mouth candies are Maruta Soda Fruit Candy and yes, they really do melt away as soon as they touch your tongue and have a very soda pop flavor to them. Plus, look at the cute bottle! 

I LOVE THESE!! Strawberry Pocky Biscuit Sticks. These are the best!!! 
One of my favorite items in this box. lol...they kind of broke into little pieces but that didn't ruin their yumminess. Its a biscuit stick with a strawberry creme coating on it. 

Plus, the packaging is super pretty and says, " Share Happiness" How darling is that?! 

Next up were these Chameleon Candies which to me are like jawbreakers. Very hard like a jawbreaker and when you suck on them they'll actually change color. Not my favorite candy in the bunch but they were pretty neat. 

This was freaking delicious!!!! Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy. At first, I thought oh, gum...but it's not's candy! and OMG, the flavor...probably the best pineapple flavored candy I've ever had. Even the candy is textured like a pineapple. Really yummy and cute with it's little Pokemon wrappers. I just might go get a piece while writing this right now. *dimple*

Who doesn't love gum?! Meiji Petit Bubble Gum. They're extremely sweet and fruity and another one of my favorites.  Look at the side of the box..there's a little slot that you can open and just pour the bubble gum out into your hand.

OMG. I was kind of worried about trying these...I mean, the name alone was suspicious. Glico Collon? But....this was by far the most delicious item in the whole box and my number one favorite snack. Seriously, I'm gonna need to buy a box of these. They're biscuits rolled  around a green tea smooth creme. I'm drooling just thinking about them. 

So cute in their size too. There's Ichigo staring at my sweets again the little cutie. Peeps, you have to try these. I pretty much devoured the whole box in one sitting. SO GOOD. *smiles*

Now, this is pretty neat! It reminds me of fairy floss! Meiji Watapachi Popping Candy Floss! It's like cotton candy with little popping rocks hidden throughout the floss that explode in your mouth. Fruity fun in my mouth!!

Fairy Floss with a teeny tiny purple popping rock candy!!!

And lastly, there was a little DIY kit in the box called a Horadekita Popsicle Candy Kit. It came with Popsicle sticks, four pieces of candy, 2 blue and 2 pink and two packs one with a sticky sugar substance and a minty powder.

I put the candy on the sticks like little mini Popsicles and then you put each packet in it's compartment and roll the candy in the sugar syrup and then the minty powder which has a cooling feeling to it when I nibbled on it. 

Nibble Nibble! It was kind of fun to do a little DIY candy making. Really I absolutely love this box and want another one!! *giggle* More green tea sweets please!!! My favorites out of all the bunch had to be those Glico Collon Biscuit Rolls and the Pocky Strawberry Biscuit Sticks. I highly recommend you peeps check them out and try one out or you can enter our giveaway below! Yep, we're giving away a box!!  Yay!! 

Just enter via our rafflecopter below. *wink wink* Open internationally! Good luck!

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