♥ A Very Pink Christmas! ♥

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas is only five days away peeps!! OMG! Christmas came early for me when I got my kittens so anything extra I get is just icing on the Christmas Cake! ! giggle.... I've wished for them ever since I was a little girl and I'm so happy I have them now...even though I had to wait for like forever and they've changed my life so much. I got to tell you it's a hassle just to open up the fridge to get myself a snack....the cats always come running & try to nibble on what I'm eating! hahaha! 

There are a lot of things in life I haven't done and just put off saying "one day" I'll do that...life is too short to say that though and although my budget is a big obstacle I'm trying to find ways around that. So this year I decided to get a pink tree because I've always wanted one and while I couldn't go all out and splurge and get a gigantic one I decided to get this absolutely adorable mini pink Christmas Tree. Can you believe I got almost everything from Target?!! I LOVE that store. I had to take some quick snaps as the kittens were trying to get into everything so hopefully they look all right. *wink*

♫ Pink Christmas

I got the cutest teeny tiny pink tinsel x-mas tree. I LOVE IT!!  What is it about tiny things that make them so much more adorable? I also got a cute silver star ...with glitter of course!!...for the top of the pretty pink tree, pastel mini ornaments, lights which are battery operated (So cool!!!), a white tree skirt with pretty iridescent glittery sequins and a few utterly adorable ornaments I could not resist!! All of this came from Target and of course I couldn't resist stopping off at Starbucks to get some frappes with whipped creme. Yum!  I also picked up that pretty white tin container just because it was so pretty! 

The mini lights are super cute...though I probably should have gotten two sets as it would light up the tree a little bit more. It needs 4 AA batters to run but it has quite the power drain and runs out fairly fast so that's a bummer. I just couldn't resist these Dorothy of the Wizard of OZ red glittery shoe ornaments. How adorable are they?!?

The pastel ornaments are soooooo pretty! It came in shades of shiny and matte gold, blue, pink and even some glittery ones! Now, these aren't the regular sized ornaments but mini ones which are perfect for my mini tree. They are freaking adorable and when I saw that Care Bear ornament...I knew it was mine. Especially with the cute rainbow on it. I used to have one just like it! 

Closeup of the GLITTERY silver star! It's lightweight so I can just prop it up on top and not worry about it falling off. 

Haha, here's Princess Lily trying to attack the tree. What is this thing Mommy? Meow!

Here's the tree all decorated with a closeup of my precious Care Bear ornament. Aww.... 
The lights really sparkle, don't they?

The Red Glittery Shoes from the Wizard of Oz. Oh, how they sparkle!!

A little closeup of the pretty pastel & glittery ornaments. 

Oh, Christmas Star...Oh, Christmas Star!!! 

Here it is in all it's PINK prettiness!!! Eeee!!! So adorable!!!!!!!!  More closeups below!!!

And just this last week I decided to get another ornament.  I'm a big Doctor Who fan and I could not resist this Tardis ornament at Think Geek! It actually lights up!! The little windows turn different colors...green...blue...purple...light blue...etc... Herman approves of it!!  I want to get some more ornaments like this gorgeous Vintage French Porcelain Doll Ornament at Plasticland as well as some Barbie and Disney Ornaments but I'll have to wait on those. 

Here's the Tardis on the tree! It really pops, doesn't it? I adore it!! 
 What do you think? Cute, right? Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas kitties!!




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