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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Thursday pretties!!  I've been a little lost for motivation this week, maybe even a little gloomy. 
Some things in my life haven't been going the way I hoped so it's been a bit of a downer. 
Usually when that happens, I try to look for little things to perk my spirits up. 

I decided to paint my room a pretty pink! and focus on saving up for pretty furnishings...sigh...
though how long that will take, I'm not sure. I had to get new blinds because the kitties completely
 destroyed the ones I had. Naughty, naughty kitties!  lol...

Usually when I'm feeling a little lost, I look to music and pretty inspirational photos to inspire me and
so I decided to create this dream board of loveliness and dreaminess. I'm dreaming of sweet sad 
songs like the one at the bottom of this post by Princess Chelsea called  "We're so Lost."
It has such a fairytale vibe but the video is soo futuristic. I love it. Below is inspo for what I'd really love to be doing...
picking roses and pretty fleurs to put in my hair before going back to the prettiest flat in Paris. dreamy, oui? 

Let's get our baskets and go pick some flowers in a never ending field of flowers that goes on and on and on...!

We can make the prettiest flower crowns with them and pretend to be princesses who live in a gorgeous 
Parisian flats like this one! What a view!!!!!!!!!!! I'd never be sad if I had a terrace like this one to enjoy a
coffee or matcha green tea and an almond croissant. 

Enjoy the song and video and here's hoping for a dreamy magical Thursday. *wink wink*
 You have to watch it all the way till the cute end! heehee....

(Photos via We Heart It)



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