Thursday, May 26, 2016

I think by now you know I adore these kawaii boxes. I've done several reviews of these absolutely adorable boxes and I've got another one for you. You're going to love this box. There are such sweet goodies inside and even chocolate!!

Here's what came inside this box:

Apollo CHocolate Diy Kit
Kokeshi NOtebook
Kawaii Pets Sticker SHeet
Emoji Plush Charm
Friendly Bear Pink Gel Pen
Stick chewing gum eraser
Polka Dot Hairband
Cute Travel Lock
Happy Mini Towel
Polygon Pink Bracelet
Panda sleepmask

This is the apollO chocolate DIY kit. Yum!! 
YOu'll get to see more photos of this sweet diy kit 
in action at the bottom of this post.

How cute is this EMOJI PLUSH CHARM. 
Haha, THAT'S kind of how my last week has been. Grrr....

POLKA DOT HAIRBAND!! Um, yeah anything that's pink and has
polka dots on it I love!! It matches my nails.

What a darling little lock. This would have come in handy
when I was going to school. So much cuter than what I 
had to use. *wink*

I love it when they include bracelets in their boxes. 
IT's soooo cute and pink. I've been wearing it a lot. 

Animal stickers!! I adore the pink poodle one. heehee...

could this be any cuter??! Panda eyes!!
This would probably freak my cats out in the morning.

Is it gum? Nooooo, it's a gum shaped eraser. 
Let's hope someone doesn't accidentally
mistake it for gum though... giggle...

the kokeshi notebook...super sweet!
Where can i get a strawberry hair charm like she has?!
Plus, doesn't she just make you wanna have blue hair?!

That is one very happy little towel! 
super cute little bear. awwww....

Ugh, I LOVE this pen!! It's a pink gel pen!
I can writes in pink!!! LOOOOOOOVE!!!
and it has a cute bear on it. 
Could you love it anymore? 

Here we go! Time to play with chocolate with 
our Apollo CHocolate kit. These were soo yummy
and fun to do. The strawberry chocolate 
was my fav by the way. heehee...

the kit comes with three tubes of chocolate in
milk chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 
A candy mold, a mixing stick and little
round pastel candies to decorate the chocolates with.

You just take the tubes of chocolate and
put them in a bowl or cup in hot water. 
Don't open them before hand.
We want the chocolate to get melted so when you
do open them they're easy to squeeze out.

Here's the mold. Just snip off the ends of the 
chocolate tubes and get creative.
Make strawberry and chocolate candies,
create layers of the different colors, 
swirls and add the pastel candies for decoration!

Now, we're ready to put the mold into the fridge 
for a hour or two to SOLIDIFY.

Here's what they look like when you pop them out. 
They were SOOOOO good!!! Yummy!!

Now, who wants to win of these boxes!
The peeps at kawaii box are sooo generous, aren't they?
Just enter below and we'll let you know when the winner is picked and kawaii box will ship out the winner's prize. Yas!!

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  1. Everything is so cute! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Super kawaii :D

    Lauren Nakagawa

  3. now I want to go get my nails done just like yours!!! :)

    love, polly

    1. Aww, thank you!!! *dimple* You can actually see a review of the nail polish I did a couple posts back here. :)