♥ Lovely Friends & Pretty Trinkets ♥

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting REGULARLY this last month babes. 
It's been such a busy month and I had a large project last month that took 
up all my time and energy that I was always sooo pooped I couldn't work 
on any blog posts. 

Whew! and then on top of that I got some large stockist orders in and even on 
top of that had some darn printer issues which only resolved themselves after
trying out four!! printers! 

Holy Hannah! I need some good vibes thrown at me peeps. On that note of good vibes, if you're in the Hilton Head Island, SC area go check out the UTTERLY GORGEOUS Spa Faces Lash Studio because they've got lots of pretty potions from us!! You can see photos of their breathtaking salon on their website. Trust me, it's gorgeous. *wink*

There was a whole ton of stress and exhaustion going on last month let me tell you 
but I finally have some time to put together a few pretty posts about what's 
going on in the life of this beauty princess. And here is my first one..

I received a pretty parcel from a lovely Canadian friend with 
even some handmade pretties in it!! Take a peek at all the sweetness. *wink*

Disney Princess Lip Balm. She knows me so well! Haha...sooo cute.

 Look at how cute the vintage card is my friend Michelle gave me. All the kitties though!! Yep, that's me with all my sweet love muffins! haha.... And all those pretty little hair bobbins, rings and pins...Michelle actually made! You can get some here from her online shop called Doll Face if you fancy a donut ring like me!!

Pretty PINK HELLO KITTY pencils. I adore Hello Kitty!

My favorite item of all this sweetness...yep, this sweet as sugar donut ring!! How cute is it peeps? Really adorable. And it has sprinkles on it!

And she even made a cute little bunny ring for me. Awww....I have the best friends up on Facebook. I really do. 

I had to include one more photo of the lip balm because cute packaging really. I'm all about the cute packaging. *wink wink* All these sweet little trinkets really made my day. THANK YOU Michelle!! 

Yay, it's going to be Friday tomorrow! Wow, how did it get to be the 15th already. It still feels like the beginning of July to me. Well, on to the next post peeps..stay tuned!!! *warm smiles*




  1. Great post! Such cute things. I make doughnut necklaces and stuff like that too.
    Much love,

  2. You do? That is so neat!!! You show some photos of them. :)