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Saturday, May 21, 2016

I don't know if you know this about me but I love lipstick. No, I mean I reallllly love it. I could probably have a million lipsticks and still want more. Lipstick makes me feel soo much more fabulous when I'm wearing it....just a little bit more powerful and dangerous. I'm not the only on, right? 

 I pretty much JUMPED AT THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW ALL FIVE OF THESE PRETTY LIQUID LIPSTICKS FROM STUDIO GEAR. They're called True Whipped Stain Gloss...they're supposed to leave a stain on your lips for long lasting color throughout the day. They apply like a lip gloss...going on smooth and moist and then dry to a lovely matte finish. I love the matte look they give my lips! The boxes that the  lipsticks come in, come in the same color as the lipstick...simple but striking. I think they would look lovely lined up on a vanity. 

I really like the packaging. You can see the colors clearly through the tubes & they look so pretty all lined up! The LIPSTICKS are super pigmented and apply smoothly. They're very lightweight almost don't know you have any lipstick on. I find they do last throughout the day even through drinking tea (Yep, I love my tea!!) and eating yummy things like chicken avocado was soo good peeps. heehee...

The lip glosses come with a doe applicator and you only need one swipe of the lipstick to be fully opaque on your lips. It's that fabulous. Look how pigmented it it pretties! I'm wearing true red below. *wink*


From top to bottom in the photo below here they are. 

Probably my favorite color. I love pink! 

I was kind of worried about this color and didn't think it would look good on me. Looking in the mirror after putting it on I still wasn't sure. But I snapped a few selfies and frankly, it looks really pretty! I was kind of surprised. 

♡ True Red. 
Yep, looks awesome on me. Red is pretty much fabulous.

♡ True wine. 
Love this color. I love dark vivid lip colors. 

♡ True burgundy.
This was another one I wasn't sure about...*wrinkles nose* burgundy is not really my favorite color but again SURPRISINGLY looks wonderful! 

Below I'm wearing TRUE PEBBLE....such a lovely color right? Would love lovely with a manicure in a pinky beige color with pops of hot pink.
and can i just say how freaking gorgeous my eyes look in this, when light hits them the right way they pop, don't they? *wink*

To see more photos of these gorgeous lip glosses on me to see how pigmented and gorgeous they really are...just go follow my instagram! These are so lovely and I'm so happy I got the chance to try them out. I definitely think I will purchase these when mine run out. *dimple*

But if you want to go get some right now how about a 10% discount for all my fabulous readers?! Just use code: cherrylips16 when purchasing at their website. I love a good discount! :)

What do you think about them? What's your favorite color or have you tried Studio Gear before?

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  1. These look very nice. I love a matte lipstick too.
    Since I have a thing for red lipstick the true red one is my favourite, but they are all beautiful.
    Much love,

    1. I have to admit the red is kind of my signature look! (Though I do adore a fuchsia pink!!) When I wear a dark blood red lipstick I often get peeps that tell me I look like Taylor Swift! haha! Love her sense of style so that always makes my day.