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Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween has arrived at Margarita Bloom! We just put up our "Witchy Things" Collection with a few new pretty potions added. Just head over to our home page and click on the "Witchy Things" Collection image and it'll pop up a PDF of all the magical and spooky potions you can get custom made for you!!! Imagine...potions made just for "you"!! Here's a new one we added directly to our web shop under the same collection. Our *NEW* Spooks & Scares Ouija Board Planchette Soap!! It looks pretty realistic, doesn't it?

They come in three styles to choose from spooky peeps!! A pure black one scented in Black Licorice, a silver glittery one also scented in Black Licorice and a Berry colored one scented in our Limited Edition Blackberry Spice! Which one do you want or do you want them all? 

Spooky fabulousness! I'm kind of in love with that blood red rose I got too! 
Perfect prop for a wicked photoshoot. *wink*

You can get these spooky magical soaps here up on our web shop.
Have at it peeps!
Plus, you can get FREE shipping with orders over $50 using code: SPOOKYSHIP
Happy Spooky Pampering peeps!!



  1. This is a soap?! Oh my gosh what an unique concept and totally perfect for Halloween - it'd make a fabulous gift. I've never seen anything like this before (the silver is definitely my fave). Have a lovely weekend!