BEAUTY ♥ Christmas Bath Fancies ♥

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Some of our current potions we've been whipping up for Christmas!! Pretty little Bath Fancies! 
That snowflake is a bath cake made with oodles of cocoa butter. We call it "Retro Rudolph" and it's scented in wintry peppermint with pretty sparkles on top. It gently fizzes in your bath water releasing all it's mmmm, yummy scent and moisturizing cocoa butter. Ooh, it's like taking a bath at the North Pole!! So MUCH FUN!

 This is our "A Very English Christmas" Rose Jam Bath Mallow! 
A fizzy bath melt shaped like a marshmallow frosting cupcake. OH, MY! 
Isn't it soooo pretty?? It sniffs like Rose jam...citrus, turkish rose, geranium, lemons 
and tonka bean and is topped with an organic french pink rosebud! Imagine a whole slew of 
these pretties in your boudoir and bath. *swoon*

Another closeup of our "Retro Rudolph" Peppermint Bath Cake! SO PRETTY.

 That pretty pink bath fancy in the middle is scented in our "A Very English Christmas" Rose Jam shaped like a bath cake instead of a bath mallow with NINE french organic rosebuds on top. Tres pretty. And next to it  and below is our "Alabaster Snowball" Snowball Bath Cake! Chief mischievous Elf to Santa himself! Floral notes, orange blossom, hints of spearmint with musk & patchouli with sparkles!

And that gorgeous purple lovely to the right is our "Unicorn Dreams" scented Bath Fizzie Cupcake with Bubble Bar Frosting! Holy Hannah, it's sooo cute!!! If you want to order any of these bath fancies just email us. Time to get pampering and lots of #selfcare ad #selflove *wink* Happy Holidays!! 



  1. The snowflake is adorable, what a lovely festive-themed treat to dip you toes into this Christmastime! It'd make a really cute stocking filler present too :) Have a lovely week!