Review & Giveaway ♥ Christmas came early with Kawaii Box ♥

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas came early! I got in this cute Kawaii Box and eeee!! Look at that cute
 little girly pink plush!! I LOVE IT! Let's get started cause you know at the end of this 
sweet post will be a giveaway! Yay!!!! 

Sigh, their box is always SO pretty, am I right?! Let's see what's inside peeps!! 

Two pink pretties right on top when I open the box! SO CUTE!!!!

Look at all that wonderful cuteness, peeps? There was even candy in the box!! Yas!

Look at all this loveliness. There's a Gudetama Party Sticker Set...Gudetama is a lazy egg that doesn't like exercise or leaving his comfort zone, the egg white! This lazy Sanrio character's name is 
a wordplay on "gude gude" which means someone that has no strength or energy, just like Gudetama! 
Ha, that sounds like me with my chronic fatigue. Always soo sleepy and feeling lazy when I have a million things to do.

And of course some sparkly Twinkle Jewel Seal Deco Diamond Stickers! Oh, boy! I just want
 to put them on EVERYTHING. The sparkle!! I'm always a happy girl when I get these in my Kawaii Box. 

We have this Rain Boot Ink Pen...because it's got a cute little Rain Boot at 
the end with a cute little bear face on it. Awww....

This is the "Let's Go Mini" Notebook. Adorable! Haha, it could be me! I was wanting to get a new notebook too. Perfect timing. Did you read my mind Kawaii Box? heehee...

 Hair clips!! Harajuku Food Themed Hair Clips! ADORABLE. 

CANDY! That always makes me happy. Japanese Candies are so much fun to look at and they taste mmmm, yummy. These are called "Kasugai Chibi Vg Ramune Candies. They kind of reminded me of those candy bracelets that you can eat. They melt in your mouth too. And look at that wee little Blue Elephant on the label. Come on, total cuteness. I'm a sucker for packaging, you know it! *wink*

Next up, that sweet YELLOW and PINK bag....Kanahei Soft String Bag. SO SWEET! It's really adorable and I love how bright the colors are on it. On it you'll find Usagi, a pink bunny that loves to have a good time with her friends, with a lovable smile and tiny ears! And next to her is the bird Piske. So sweet. Doesn't it just make you want to smile?  And it's SO soft and well made. 

But I think my absolute favorite out of everything in this box has to be this
 cute sweet little pink and red Techi Techi Gomarachi Seal Plush. 
Look at her face. OMG. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE HER. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Okay, so now on to the giveaway peeps!! 
Who wants to win one of these gorgeous boxes for themselves?!!!! 
Just enter below. Yay!! It's open internationally. 
When the giveaway is over we'll pick one lucky peep
who we'll contact via email about their prize. 
Lots of kawaii luck to you beauties!

Cherry Lips Blonde Curls Kawaii Box Giveaway



  1. I'm kinda older, and have no children young enough for Kawaii Boxes, but I'm pretty certain my 11 yo dog, Kalvin would love that pink seal.

  2. My favourite item is the Harajuku hair clips, thanks!

  3. My fav is the Techi Techi Gomarachi Seal Plush

  4. So cute I love the sparkly gem stickers!